3-in-1 Magnetic Wireless Charger for iPhone, Apple Watch & AirPods

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Would you like to be able to charge all your Apple products in one place at the same time? Our 3-in-1 Magnetic Wireless Charger for iPhone, Apple Watch & AirPods is the solution!

  • Includes QC3.0 adapter for fast charging
  • Compatible with most Apple devices (scroll down for more info.)
  • Comes with magnetic insert for older iPhones that support wireless charging
  • Charge up to 3 devices simultaneously
  • Includes handy back light/lamp
  • Power: iPhone (15W), Apple Watch (5W), AirPods (3W)
  • Note: Please use a QC3.0 adapter for fast charging (not included)
  • Say goodbye to all those charging cords!

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22 reviews for 3-in-1 Magnetic Wireless Charger for iPhone, Apple Watch & AirPods

  1. K***y

    Works as described. Of course for anyone not used to a wireless charger, be aware they are definitely slower than wired chargers! BUT it’s worth the tradeoff for the convenience, especially with a 3-in1 design like this one. I’m happy with the purchase.

  2. E**e

    I replaced an official apple charger with this and I’m not looking back!! The magnets aren’t quite as strong, but for less than QUARTER of what it would cost to buy replacements from Apple this works perfectly and is in a single package! Absolute bargain.

  3. V***e

    Love this charger, nothing better than being able to remove three different cables from my nightstand. The backlight is surprisingly handy but it’s definitely nice it can be shut off and on.

  4. O**n

    Works perfectly as indicated. Very convenient, charges all devices quickly.
    Only issue is that the product is quite light. Stable when placed on surface but not super solid – I just fixed this up with some sticky strips on the underside 🙂

  5. A****y

    Ugly cords gone forever! I love this product so much. I used to have cords all over the place next to my bed and now I just have my dock with no cords in sight. Love it.

  6. C****r

    Such a bargain, honestly half the price of most of the others I had come across (i.e. Mophie – $130!!) and works perfect. Happy I found Trendlio 🙂

  7. O***a

    Absolutely love this charger! It works even with case on! Great product and price!! Thanks heaps!

  8. J******d

    What a great product and I received exceptional service when asking questions. Sleek, works well, well priced, I searched for a long time for this type of product and nothing beats Trendlio!

  9. S****h

    Loved it! Item as described, works brilliantly.

  10. A***n

    Great design, does fast charging of iPhone, I don’t know if suitable for other brands as I have not tested, but for iPhone it’s great 🙂

  11. H****x

    This product is great, the build quality is great and durable and easy to use.

  12. G***t

    Strong magnet for the phone which is great. Charges iPods and Watch fine. And the lighting is a lovely bonus – great level of lighting for bedtime / middle of the night.

  13. B*b

    I can charge my phone, apple watch, airpods and beats at the same time using only one plug. Highly recommend.

  14. D**e

    It’s fine but it doesn’t charge nearly as quickly as a cable, although I know that is expected.

  15. O***a

    I love it!! I only wish it came in different colours to match my devices – Trendlio PLEASE make these in white and I will buy more!!

  16. J**s

    I like it. I have found that if I need something charged quickly I can easily pop the cable out of the back and into the device, but for overnight it charges everything just fine. I don’t use the backlight, but a nice touch I guess.

  17. N****l

    It’s pretty good, wish the magnets were a bit stronger as I sometimes knock something off when reaching for things on the nightstand, but if you’re not clumsy like me you will be fine!

  18. J******d

    It works and keeps everything juiced up nicely. I drop everything onto here before bed and wake up to charged devices across the board – how good is that?!

  19. A****y

    No complaints from me. I replaced the charging brick with a quick charge compatible one, which I HIGHLY recommend if you want fast charging. If you just charge overnight then you can do without.

  20. D**e

    Great charger which works perfectly for me! I do wish the backlight was a different shade of white, but that’s just me being very very picky haha.

  21. S***d

    It works great, backlight is handy, magnets are strong enough to keep everything in place. No regrets from me.

  22. J*e

    OK this thing is hella cool, I can’t believe it was so cheap compared to the competition, but it works absolutely perfectly! It’s a bit slower than the official charger, but I guess that’s just because it needs to split the power between multiple devices. Really not at all an issue as everything has plenty of time to charge overnight.

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