5 Pack – Fitness/Resistance Bands

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Get fit and trim with our Fitness/Resistance Bands. They come in a 5 pack of different colors/resistance levels. Made from natural latex.


  • 5 fitness/resistance bands
  • 5 different colours/levels
  • Storage bag included for free
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40-48lb / 18kg – 22kg
23” x 2”  / 60cm x 5cm
1.1mm thickness


30-38lb / 14kg – 18kg
23” x 2”  / 60cm x 5cm
0.9mm thickness


20-30lb / 9kg – 14kg
23” x 2” / 60cm x 5cm
0.7mm thickness


10-20lb / 5kg – 9kg
23” x 2” / 60cm x 5cm
0.5mm thickness


5-10lb / 2kg – 5kg
23” x 2” / 60cm x 5cm
0.35mm thickness

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27 reviews for 5 Pack – Fitness/Resistance Bands

  1. D*****y

    Bought them for my daughter – great gift in a handy bag so they stay together. She loves them and uses them all the time.

  2. J*****e

    The 5 resistance levels are perfect levels for progression. I’m so satisfied with my purchase!

  3. A**x

    Awesome resistance bands! So far they are working great and they seem like they are quality bands. You can go to youtube to find resistance band workouts if you need too. Great price and bang for the buck

  4. F*****a

    I use these to strengthen hips and glutes to help with knee pain. I’ve used other bands but these are very good quality. Fairly cheap – a good deal!

  5. M*****a

    When I had shoulder problems years ago, I was given a set of stretchy bands by my rehab center and wow, not only did the pain in my shoulders subside, but I began to get firmer, more toned upper arms! Over the years, the original set of bands wore out so when I saw these, I grabbed them. Definitely worth the price they work fine with me!

  6. V*****a

    These work for exactly what I needed. They’re comparable to what physical therapy places use. I definitely recommend these bands.

  7. B***a

    I’m a PT (physical therapist) and I bought several now for clients with hip and upper limb injuries… works a treat for those who don’t like the gym!

  8. K***e

    I got these (resistance bands) to use while the gyms were shut. I thought I wanted weights, but this was what I could get. I’m so glad I did. It’s way better than an extra set of dumbbells. There are so many different exercises I can do.

  9. M****a

    I heard about resistance training and I thought to give it a try. The best thing that I have done. It’s very effective, for toning your body, it takes less time to do various workouts because you not changing weights all the time and the best thing about it is that you can train anywhere!! I highly recommend these bands!

  10. Z***y

    These resistance bands are great! It’s especially great for people like me who want to focus on getting toned legs. It’s easy to use and you definitely see an improvement after using it a few times. Would highly recommend. Also, the price is so good. 😊

  11. A****e

    Good elastic bands for fitness lovers. For young mothers such as myself, I recommend these elastic bands to use – you can perfectly begin to recover after childbirth.

  12. L**u

    I’m happy to find something that I can gradually use to get my muscle mass back. I’m grateful with these bands!

  13. C****y

    These bands are no joke and the best thing I like about them are they will not snap and fling back at you like you think they will. I bought them because this is what my physical therapist uses in his office. I partially tore my rotator cuff and after medical treatment came the physical therapy.

  14. H*****r

    Bought these resistance bands for my niece for her birthday, she really wanted these bands. She really likes them and uses them a lot with no complaints.

  15. F***a

    Just started out on my fitness journey and decided to purchase these. The medium band is holding up just fine, and I’ve been using it for a month now. Glad I tried to purchase these bands for myself.

  16. J*****r

    I gave the light and medium bands to a friend and she loves them. I use the heavy one for myself and it helps my hip movement so much. Worth the purchase!

  17. S***h

    Exactly what I needed, has several pieces (5) in different strength / thickness to permit two-handed, foot and hand, door and hand exercises.

  18. L***a

    This product is fantastic – I’m in love with resistance bands now. In our current climate with COVID-19, and not knowing how long I will be at home, this product has been a timely and key tool for my fitness and strength. for anyone who is looking to stay in shape and tone up from home, this product is awesome.

  19. A***e

    Now this is an essential product in lockdown. There are so many different exercises that you can do with these resistance bands, a total body workout!

  20. T***y

    The bands are of great quality and I use them every single day!

  21. R**h

    Amazing resistance bands! Quality is super. Each elastic band is individually packed and all in a black bag. Received them all in perfect condition. Double thumbs up!

  22. O****a

    I’m so pleased to have bought these bands. They are so great to work out with!

  23. E****n

    Worth the purchase! Designed for a total body workout resistance bands are great for beginners, elderly, people coming off surgery or people who don’t have time for the gym but want to stay in shape. This product is great for me when I can’t get to the gym or during the winter season. I can get a great workout in little time and get a great pump. I recommend this product for anyone who needs a good pump and can’t do the gym thing or can’t afford the gym.

  24. P****a

    I’ve had these for maybe almost half a year and they’ve lasted me that long and trust me, they’ve been through a lot! Highly recommend them! They’re great and still work great even after all this time!

  25. Q*****e

    The bands are easy to use and very sturdy. The different colors are for intensity. The price was also a steal! Thank you!

  26. J**e

    Rated 5/5 stars for these resistance bands. Not bad quality, better than I expected for such a good price.

  27. S*****a

    I love these resistance bands! You get 5 bands with 5 different tensions and they come with a bag to keep them in.

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