Assorted Wooden Animal Jigsaw Puzzles

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Relax and unwind with our Assorted Wooden Animal Jigsaw Puzzles. Each of the puzzle pieces is a unique shape that fit together to create the overall design. Choose from 6 gorgeous animal designs and 3 sizes to suit your needs. When the puzzle is completed, you can hang it up on your wall to show off to all your friends. It’s a gift that everyone loves and never goes out of style! Get yours today.

  • Every puzzle piece has a unique shape (animals, plants/flowers, stars, etc.)
  • Gorgeous colours and details
  • Fun for all ages
  • A gift that everyone will love
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

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Our Assorted Wooden Animal Jigsaw Puzzles bring out the best in kids and even pose a challenge to adults too! These puzzles enforce logical thinking in order to get it right. These amazing-looking colourful puzzles have their own unique shaped puzzle pieces which require complex assembly to complete. This is what makes our puzzles unique! They provide you with more of an opportunity to utilise your creative thinking abilities and patience as the shapes are one-of-a-kind and fit together in a way you haven’t seen before. So cool and so fun!

Vibrant & colourful
Hours of fun
Stimulate your brain
Unique puzzle pieces
Suitable for all ages
Relax and de-stress
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  • Material: Wooden jigsaw puzzles pieces (4mm thick)
  • Size: A5/A4/A3
  • Ages: 7+
  • Completion Time: 2-4 hours


  • Animal themed puzzle set: Enjoy a relaxing time putting together these unique animal jigsaw puzzles. Each individual piece has a unique design to make it more fun!
  • Gorgeous colours and details: Vibrant and colourful designs cut into small precise pieces using a laser cutter for absolute accuracy. When your puzzle is complete, you can hang it up on your wall as a one-of-a-kind decorative piece.
  • Fun for all ages: Let your kids train their problem solving and thinking skills with this wooden jigsaw puzzle. Adults can use it as a way to relieve stress after a long day at work. It’s great for the whole family!
  • A gift everyone will love: Looking for a thoughtful present for your loved one or friend? These wooden jigsaw puzzles are the perfect choice as they’ll never go out of style. Enjoy endless hours of entertainment with people you hold dear.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed:  Buy with confidence knowing that our products are thoroughly inspected for quality and assurance purposes.

Package Includes

  • 1x Assorted Wooden Animal Jigsaw Puzzle

25 reviews for Assorted Wooden Animal Jigsaw Puzzles

  1. J***y

    This is a gorgeous puzzle that’s fun to put together and also more challenging than most 300 piece puzzles due to the irregular shape of the design and of the individual pieces. The animal-shaped pieces are cool.

  2. A***e

    These puzzles are of the best quality and so far have been the most fun to figure out. I will be buying all the different puzzles.

  3. E***e

    Bought the butterfly.
    The puzzle is a gift for a senior
    Looks wonderful though

  4. S***y

    Beautiful and exquisitely made. Worth the price.

  5. B***e

    I bought this for my wife who LOVES puzzles and she had a great time with this one.
    On top of that, once it’s finished, it looks great! Those colours are bright and the design looks great.

  6. C***a

    This puzzle had my family off screens for four days. It looks really hard at first but then the beauty of the pieces and unique shapes have you mesmerized. I immediately bought another one for myself and as a gift. If you like jigsaw puzzles then you will LOVE this one.

  7. Y***a

    Was a gift. Dad loves it. Beautiful. Will buy another.

  8. L***a

    This puzzle is gorgeous, a little challenging, and will become a family favorite. The item was exactly as described

  9. P***o

    The unique shape of the pieces is what really sets this puzzle apart. It’s a really sturdy puzzle and looks beautiful when completed. Buy it for yourself or it makes a perfect gift for a puzzle lover. It really is something special.

  10. S***y

    Don’t write reviews often, but I thoroughly enjoyed doing this puzzled with my husband while our newborn was sleeping at night. A good activity to do as a family, not too hard, and nice to look at all the cool pieces!
    I ended up finishing it while the hubs were feeding the baby and they both ended up falling asleep. Hopefully, he won’t be too upset that I finished it without him. Lol.
    Looking to get a few more to add to the collection and frame to put in our little man’s room♡

  11. R***e

    So excited to do this puzzle! Quality pieces. Will definitely be ordering more for holiday gifts. Can’t wait to finish it so I can take it apart and do it upside-down so I can see all the hidden animals & other things

  12. J***y

    It is absolutely beautiful, very impressed and happy with it!!

  13. H****e

    Gave this as a gift and they loved it. Well made and beautiful. We have given a different design as a gift also, and it was just as nice.

  14. N**a

    Colorful and bright puzzle

  15. W***a

    Puzzle was colorful; fun to put together; and a good mental challenge.

  16. K****e

    Wow! This puzzle is one of the most beautiful puzzles I have ever seen. The colors on the puzzle pieces are so vibrant. Also, the puzzle pieces are thick and well made and are very neat shapes. This is an amazing puzzle and a beautiful gift to give someone!

  17. D**e

    Great puzzle. I love that the pieces are thick wood they don’t bend or peel.
    Beautiful colors. I would buy it again.

  18. V***a

    This is an amazingly cool puzzle. So many of the pieces are cut into shapes of animals and they are lightweight and thick. My kids and I have been working on it off and on all day and we love it!

  19. M***k

    I knew this puzzle would be great from the moment I opened the package. The boxing of the pieces was beautiful and the attention to detail was spot on. I’ve been a puzzler since I was a kid. The unique shapes of the pieces made it challenging and the vibrant colors were so beautiful I could leave it alone. Each piece was smooth and fit together beautifully.

  20. U****e

    I was really surprised by the packaging of this puzzle. It was really nice! I love that it’s wooden, hopefully, it’ll last longer with two kids.

  21. H***y

    My daughter loves puzzle building so I have bought lots of puzzles for her. This one is by far the most quality one. From the quality of wood to the craftsmanship, it’s well worth every penny. Another feature that really helps it to stand out is that all puzzle pieces are in the shape of different animals, which is very interesting and adorable.

  22. L***a

    I wasn’t expecting this to be quite so high quality. It is a fun and challenging puzzle without being crazy difficult. Nice to do with the kids. The pieces are a decent size and easy to hold and place.

  23. V***y

    Beautiful wooden puzzle. The colours are pretty, nicely made, have beautiful packaging, and have amazing customer service! I will definitely purchase more.

  24. D***e

    Very colorful attractive wooden puzzle. Great for any age I purchased for my elderly mother.

  25. G****e

    What a neat puzzle!! From the cute packaging to the shapes of the pieces! All around a great product and Definitely recommend it!!

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Additional information

Puzzle Design

Wolf, Lion, Dragon, Fox, Owl, Butterfly

Puzzle Size

Small: A5 / 148mm x 210mm, Medium: A4 / 210mm x 297mm, Large: A3 / 297mm x 420mm