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Our Baby Carrier is extremely functional, versatile and adaptive. It works in 3 different ways – as a seat, as a cradle, and as a front or back facing carrier.

Quick Specifications:

  • Comes in 3 different colours
  • For ages 0-36 months
  • Supports up to 36kgs/79lbs
  • Waist size 120cm/47 inches
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  • Brand: AIEBAO
  • Material: Polyester
  • Filler: EPP
  • Age: 0 – 36 months 
  • Weight support: Up to 36kgs/79lbs
  • Waist size: 120cm/47 inches
  • Carrier weight: 0.65kg/1.43lbs
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44 reviews for Baby Carrier

  1. S******a

    This baby carrier is amazing. Worth every dollar. My baby is 6 months old and was asleep within 5 mins. I love all the pockets and it is super comfortable and padded. I have a bad back and had no pain during or after wearing this. It was also super easy to put on.

  2. B***a

    Good baby carrier with pleasant wearing comfort, both for the carrier and the child to be carried.

  3. C****e

    This was a gift for my grandson – he is a year old. After the pack was adjusted, we gave it a try and our little Mikey loved it so much he was asleep in 10 minutes.

  4. V****t

    Aesthetic, light, functional, this baby carrier conquered me and my daughter. She loves it when I install it and put it on my back. For the first outing, she fell asleep quickly. 😊

  5. A****y

    Moms carry throughout 9 months of pregnancy. This gives dads the opportunity to carry their babes after birth, when walking, shopping, hiking, etc. My husband loves it!

  6. E***e

    I am very pleased with this baby carrier I bought here in trendlio. It fits me and my husband. I like the pockets and how it can be used in multiple ways. It does what I need it to for a great price!

  7. H***l

    This product is a life saver! I honestly couldn’t even get to wash the baby’s bottle because I needed my hands free and you all can relate to fuzzy baby. With this carry on the baby feels cozy and close to me so she is quiet and calm. I can just strap her in and go about my daily mommy chores.

  8. S****a

    Awesome baby carrier. You can adjust it to fit your growing baby. It also allows you to wear it different ways like on the back. My daughter is tiny so I did adjust it to fit her better. The directions were so easy and straight forward

  9. B******n

    As soon as I got home, I couldn’t wait to figure this out; it was so simple! Just the simplicity of putting it on and understanding how to use before I tried it was a big selling point for me.

  10. L**a

    The weight is evenly distributed, even with a 2-and-a-half-year-old inside and it’s comfortable to wear. We like how high, but not too close, our little girl sits as she really enjoys looking around and therefore doesn’t get bored on longer walks.

  11. N*****e

    WE LOVE IT! I bought a different baby carrier before which was a lot more expensive than this item. My son never liked it and we can only use it for a minute or so because of the pressure I would put on his lower front part. My baby boy loves this and will stay in it for hours as we walk around and play.

  12. E*****r

    We took the pale pink colour (very beautiful). The baby carrier is of good quality. Worth every dollar spent.

  13. A*****n

    This carrier is the best investment we made for our lifestyle and our backs. Everything is fully adjustable for the wearer and the little person growing like a weed. You won’t regret the purchase!

  14. L**y

    Excellent baby carrier: light, easy to use and comfortable for baby and the wearer.

  15. H****h

    Love this because it’s easy to use and has pockets to store things. I also adore the design and the colour (I own the teal one).

  16. A****y

    This was great for walking around stores and out and about with my newborn. It’s pretty comfortable. It’s a nice-looking product and it has plenty of pockets that are easily accessible while wearing.

  17. M**a

    I was looking for a versatile carrier that wasn’t super expensive and this one fit the bill!! I tried the sling type carrier and my baby hated not being able to move her feet so I was looking for one that she had more freedom but could grow with her. It doesn’t need an additional part for newborn sizes like other carriers. It is easily adjustable; with just a few strap adjustments it can go from me to my husband in a snap.

  18. Z**y

    My husband and I love this baby carrier! I love that it keeps us hands free while still being close to our baby! She is only three months old, but we have been using this carrier with her since she has been about one month old. I feel very, very secure with her in it. 😊

  19. N**a

    The price is awesome for the product! The carrier itself is very soft and the straps are soft as well. It takes a few times of playing with it to get all of the straps and buckles figured out but once you get that you can easily take it on and off by yourself.

  20. L****n

    I am using this baby carrier right now in Melbourne and it is really good. Last night arriving in the city by train and taking the metro and the cave car to the hotel was really easy even with lots of stairs and doors to get to the public transport. I am really happy about this product so far!

  21. L***a

    I absolutely love this carrier! I love the pockets – it makes things so much easier when going anywhere with my little guy! Very convenient when you need both your hands because you can stick your keys in the little pocket on the strap and your wallet/lipstick/hand sanitizer/napkins/pacifier etc. in any of the various pockets throughout. This is especially ideal for traveling, which we do a lot of.

  22. R***y

    I bought this for my son and daughter in law to carry my granddaughter! It’s awesome: I love the Teal colour and it has extra compartments too. Totally worth the cost!

  23. P****e

    I got this baby carrier to carry my granddaughter. I used backpacks for my children many years ago; this one has many more features. It is not so heavy; it is very well made and the design is well thought out.

  24. C****a

    My 22-month-old daughter is very well settled in it. She sees landscapes in 360 degrees and has a lot of fun. The baby carrier is comfortable. There is plenty of storage, no need for the extra backpack on the go.

  25. C***e

    This baby carrier is solid and distributes the baby’s weight well. Thumbs up!

  26. G***e

    Great carrier for the price point. Don’t go out and drop all your money on a super expensive carrier. This one works great! 😊

  27. A**a

    I love this baby carrier. I bought it to replace another very popular brand that did not work for me. One size may fit all for babies but not mama. This carrier has lots of room for adjustments for mom and baby.

  28. V*****a

    The best carrier ever. I love everything about it. I love how strong it feels and all the padding it has, I used to own the thinner carriers and they used to make my shoulders and back hurt so much.

  29. S******t

    My baby loves it. He is really curious so being able to look out is perfect for us. All the pockets make it convenient to have your phone and baby bottle handy.

  30. M*****n

    Great backpack baby carrier. I have been carrying my boy around since he was 8 months. Needless to say, that proper fitting is everything in terms of comfort. Make sure you understand how to do it properly. There is no room for more or less ok when you are carrying precious cargo for a prolonged period of time. The carrier looks sleek as well.

  31. E**a

    An affordable must have baby carrier! It is truly extremely functional, versatile and adaptive. Loving my navy coloured baby carrier.

  32. S***a

    It’s an awesome product that gives a lot of freedom for active parents! And kids love it too. 5/5!

  33. A***y

    This is a wonderful product that makes hiking with a toddler so much more enjoyable! My 16-month-old loves to run so we were a little nervous that he wouldn’t want to go in the carrier but he loves it! We hike with him mostly in the carrier and take him out to run when on more even terrain. I love that this carrier can be easily adjusted to fit any adult.

  34. E*******h

    Super baby carrier. We are testing it every day right now and baby is great in it. She is napping and looks delighted to get in.

  35. E***y

    Very practical baby carrier – easy to use. Very comfortable – our son was able to fall asleep and no longer wanted to get off.

  36. H****r

    It’s easy to use this carrier and the pockets are amazing! It seems comfortable for baby, whether he’s on your back or front.

  37. A*****l

    This baby carrier is very versatile and relatively easy to use! Just as the instructions recommend, definitely have someone help you, particularly if you’re going to back carry your little one. My husband wore our 6-month-old son for hours one day while we were playing mini golf, and I’m not sure which one enjoyed it more!

  38. E****n

    Very sturdy baby carrier. I feel safe using with a 4-month-old. The number of pockets comes in handy. Padding in the shoulder straps makes super comfy for parents or carrier.

  39. A****a

    I tried this for 2 days and my baby loved it. I was so afraid of these before because with my oldest none of the ones I tried he seemed to like. But this one makes my new baby so comfy.

  40. C*******e

    My son really liked this carrier, and was always happy to go for a ride. It was really easy to buckle him into the carrier, and the straps and padding seemed comfortable for him. It is pretty compact and it was really great for travel and for airports. There are lots of room in the storage compartment.

  41. S****a

    Everything went perfectly as described and shown in the photos too. Me and my baby loves this carrier! 😊

  42. I******a

    Super happy with this baby carrier for hiking. My daughter is close to 30lbs at 16 months and I am 5’2 female at 130lbs and I have no problem carrying her.

  43. O****a

    Very good baby carrier. The child is really well settled. It is safe and comfortable to use.

  44. E**a

    Sits closer to the body than most baby carriers. Baby is secure in the seat. Lots of adjustments make it fit perfectly for him and for me. We love it! 😊

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