Full Face Snorkel Mask

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Our Full Face Snorkel Mask will take your underwater adventures to a whole new level. Breathe through your mouth or nose – no need to clench your jaw onto a mouth piece. When you dive, water won’t be able to get into the snorkel either. So cool! Watch the video above for more.

Full Face Snorkel
  • Dry top system

    Snorkel prevents water from entering.

  • Two-way breathing

    Separate channels for inhale/exhale.

  • Full 180° view

    See more around you.

  • Anti-fog PC glass

    Crystal clear vision.

  • Storage bag included

    For easy transport & storage.

  • Two sizes

    For kids, men & women.

Free Waterproof Phone Pouch Free Waterproof Phone Pouch
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Are you looking for the ultimate snorkeling solution? Are you tired of clenching your jaw on a mouth piece and having your mask fog up? Do you want to be able to breathe through nose as well as your mouth? Do you want to be able to see more through your mask? We have just what you’re looking for! Our Full Face Snorkel Mask is the latest in snorkeling technology and will bring you even closer to the spectacular sights of the ocean while giving you maximum comfort and enjoyment, making snorkeling and swimming even more fun than before. Snorkel in style and be the envy of all your friends – get your Full Face Snorkel Mask today!

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Dry top system
Two-way breathing
Multiple sizes
180 degree view
Anti-fog glass
Storage bag
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  • Dry top system: Snorkel air valve is open when above the surface and closed when under water. No more having to blow water out from your snorkel after you dive under water!
  • 180 degree view: Extra large and wide PC glass mask allowing you to see more of your surroundings ensuring you don’t miss any of the action!
  • Two-way breathing: Separate breathing channels; 1 where the air goes in when you inhale, and a separate channel for air that you’re breathing out. This helps with keeping the mask fog-free and the snorkel water-free!
  • Anti-fog glass: Who doesn’t hate it when your mask or goggles fog up? You have to stop the fun to wipe them, and then they’re fogged up again minutes later! Not with our Full Face Snorkel Mask.
  • Multiple sizes: Suitable for kids, women and men! We’ve got a size to fit all kinds of face shapes.
  • Free carry bag: Comes with a free storage/carry bag so you can transport it and store it easily and conveniently.
  • Limited time offer: FREE waterproof phone pouch!

Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately this mask is not designed to withstand the pressure of deep diving. However, it will work well with surface snorkelling and shallow diving/swimming.

Anything above 40°C/104°F will cause the mask to fog up a little. Use anti-fog spray before using the snorkel to help with this potential issue.

This snorkel mask is designed to alleviate the issue of the glass fogging up with it’s two-way breathing system, however, over extended use, you may notice some fog/condensation starting to appear. No mask is 100% fog-proof – it just doesn’t exist. But, the good news is: use some anti-fog spray on the inside of the mask before you use it – this should help minimize the issue and extend the period of fog-free use.

Children under 36 months should not use it. Children must be supervised by an adult at all times.

For your own safety, we don’t recommend doing this as you may hurt yourself if the mask slips off or the force of the impact somehow damages the mask. Please be responsible when using this mask. 

We recommend, as is the case with all snorkeling masks, that you are clean shaven prior to using this mask to ensure a good seal is created between your skin and the mask. If you have a beard, the mask may not be able to seal properly. If you don’t want to shave, you can try applying petroleum jelly (Vaseline) onto the beard line as this can help block any openings in the seal.

Mask Material: Polycarbonate shatterproof PVC
Lining material: Medical liquid silicone.

Package Includes

  • 1x Full Face Snorkel Mask
  • 1x Instruction manual
  • 1x FREE carry bag
  • 1x FREE waterproof phone pouch (1 per order)

If you would prefer not to receive the free gift, you can let us know via the comments section during checkout.

28 reviews for Full Face Snorkel Mask

  1. F**a

    This is one of the neatest things I’ve ever bought. It works! I can swim laps for a loooong time now. Thank you for a great product!

  2. H***t

    Our grandsons all love these. They can swim underwater in the lakes with no fear and see all the cool stuff down below. Fit is perfect and easy to size.

  3. T**a

    This mask is amazing! I’ve always disliked snorkeling because of the salt water taste on my lips. With this mask, no salt water gets in and I just breathe normally. I use swimming laps in our community to pool to avoid others and always know where I’m at. I just bought two more for the kids to bring on our next tropical vacation!

  4. B***n

    We used this for a recent beach vacation. The snorkel fit well and we used it every day to see the marine life. It was adjustable and we were able to pack it easily in our suitcase.

  5. Y***n

    These are great masks for the price! Once I got used to it I found it was easiest to control my breathing by just breathing through my nose. Worked great!

  6. I*n

    I bought this for my daughter’s 13th Birthday gift. She loves this item. She was able to set it up herself. She likes that once she goes under water the mask “snuggles “ her face. She hates getting water in her nose. This mask is a hit.

  7. K***l

    I have never snorkeled before and thought this would make it easier for me to do so. I have asthma and was scared that the traditional gear would cause me problems. I used this to snorkel in Jamaica and was successful from the get go. I was able to stay calm and enjoy the scenery. Great product.

  8. J***y

    I am so happy I bought these for my family! Increased visibility, antifogging is evident, so refreshing to be able to breathe through your nose. Can go underwater without having to purge the tube. Strap and rubber seal is comfortable. No regrets!!

  9. V**e

    We replaced a mask and snorkel with this full face mask and are really happy – there are no leaks and it is comfortable. It took a little getting used to because we were used to having to blow out water when resurfacing with a snorkel but we used it in the pool before bringing it to the ocean to use and that made it easy. Great product and great price.

  10. M***a

    I bought three of these, one for each of my children. We tested them out in the bathtub tonight and, after some adjustments, the kids said they were amazing. Sure enough, their faces were dry and the masks did not fog up. I also love the new breathing tube technology. Even when the kids got the tubes under water, no water got in their mouths! Great product! Looking forward to our snorkeling trip this year!!

  11. N**l

    I ordered this mask to take with me on a western Caribbean cruise. It was everything I needed and wanted! I’d give it 6 stars if I could. It seals great, was easy to breathe out of, and never fogged while in the water. I would recommend this to anyone, and I can’t wait to take it with me on future vacations.

  12. S***a

    Great quality mask! Feels good on and breathes easily. It fit both my son’s teenage face as well as my very slim adult face. The comfort and breathability are top notch and are definitely what’s most important. Couldn’t be happier that I purchased this mask!

  13. H***y

    I purchased 5 of these masks for a recent family cruise where we were going to be doing a lot of snorkeling on several excursions and they were easy for all of us to use, giving us all a great field of vision and much cheaper than buying them on the ship.

  14. P****t

    Our family of 5 took these with us to Kauai recently. They worked great! Easy and simple to adjust. Easy to use. Breathe in through your nose and out your mouth for a fog-free view. Speaking of view, you can see everything! No obstructions.

  15. P***r

    This mask is fantastic! It is lightweight and does not fog up or leak. Just what I needed.

  16. O***o

    We got two to see what they were like, then we bought two more! We absolutely love these! We have all tried them. My husband and i use them and our kids who are 11 and 7 use them. The mask is sealed! You can snorkel and snorkel forever.

  17. X***e

    Perfect Mask – well worth the money. We purchased three of these for our grandchildren all in different colors. They stick to the face properly – head bands are totally adjustable – strong hard plastic materials that can take a beating.

  18. B***a

    This Snorkel mask is amazing . It does what it says. The view and clarity is exceptional, yet it is light and very comfortable.

  19. C***y

    We purchased these masks for a vacation. The masks were very easy to wear and didn’t fog up like traditional snorkeling masks.

  20. Q***n

    Bought this mask for our trip to the Islands. It was fantastic. I loved the freedom to breathe through my mouth or nose…and talk (not that other divers could hear me). I’m a strictly surface snorkeler. The full-view was terrific. I had no leaking, no CO2 build-up

  21. L***y

    I’ve never really liked regular goggle/snorkel combinations, but this thing is awesome. I highly recommend it.

  22. T***a

    I bought this for my kids who had used the conventional type before, they seem quality built, almost like silicone-ish feel, really sturdy, large comfortable straps…nothing cheap feeling about this. I’m sure we’ll have it for years.

  23. M**a

    Works great! The seal works. Visibility is great! Loved it so much that we bought another one.

  24. P*a

    Awesome mask bought two for myself and my wife to use snorkeling. Had no problem with it and it never fogged up on me at all. We spent hours under water.

  25. R**a

    Bought this mask for my son after renting a similar one while on a cruise. It works great. Highly recommended.

  26. W***a

    Great mask. Bought for a trip to Aruba. Was amazed at how much more you can see than a traditional mask. Keeps tight so water does not sneak in the sides.

  27. C***y

    The fit was amazing and the visibility was great under water. It fits my face like a glove. I have used another full face mask in the past for snorkeling and diving and I must say this was an excellent fit for the price.

  28. Y***i

    I no longer have to clench the mouthpiece of a regular snorkel mask in my teeth. I breathe slowly and enjoy a 180 degree view of what is around me! No fogging either!! Such a pleasure to use!!

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