Orgonite Obsidian Lapis Lazuli Healing Pyramid Crystal

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Perfect for Chakra work, Reiki healing, crystal grids, home office décor, as a gift, and more! This Orgonite Obsidian Lapis Lazuli healing pyramid crystal is hand-made and one of a kind. Get yours today and help restore balance and promote harmony in your life.

Package Includes:

  • 1x Lapis Lazuli Crystal Pyramid
  • 1x FREE Beautiful Gift Box
  • 1x FREE Carry Case/Pouch
  • 1x Crystal Information Chart
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The Lapis Lazuli crystal stone is connected to solar energy with its golden inclusions of Pyrite, which helps balance the solar plexus chakra and the third eye chakra. When these two energy centers are in harmony, it merges your personal desires with divine will. Integrating the Lapis Lazuli crystal stone meaning into your daily life will empower you to shine your light into the world with confidence and authenticity. In healing layouts, we advise placing a Lapis Lazuli stone on the third eye chakra, which is situated between the eyebrows. As you connect with its energy, begin to visualize a pure light flowing through your body and connecting you with your soul’s purpose. You’ll also get the added benefit of its soothing energy releasing tension in your lower forehead.

Amethyst healing properties are as plentiful as the stone itself. It is thought of mostly as a protective stone. As it is linked to the crown chakra, it is helpful in purifying the mind and clearing it of negative thoughts. This includes the negativity of stress and anxiety, which is why many meditate with amethyst so as to rid themselves of that darkness. Amethyst healing properties are especially useful in regards to work-related stress, because the stone is also associated with abundance; therefore relieving stress while emanating prosperity. The amethyst properties which facilitate intuition and communication can also be applied to increased work effectiveness.

Relieve stress & anxiety
Promotes abundance
Clear negative thoughts
Increased intuition
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  • Material: Lapis Lazuli crystal sphere, amethyst, gold foil, resin
  • Size: Approx. 60mm


  • Converts negative energy into positive energy;
  • Purifies the atmosphere, detoxifies water;
  • Helps plants grow better;
  • Often treats insomnia and chronic nightmares;
  • Helps awaken your innate heart-inspired officer;
  • Provides strong vitality support, maintain human health, energetic, and reduce physical damage caused by environmental pollution.

Package Includes

  • 1x Orgonite Obsidian Lapis Lazuli Healing Pyramid Crystal
*Each crystal stone has a unique shape and colour. These are handmade products, so there may be some slight differences from the pictures shown.


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