Lace Front Wig

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Feel beautiful and confident with our premium lace front wig made from 100% Brazilian human hair. Order yours today with FREE shipping.

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Measurement Guide


  • Made from 100% Brazilian human hair
  • 13″ x 4″ size as pictured in our product gallery
  • Available in 6 different lengths (8″ / 10″ / 12″ / 14″ / 16″ / 18″)


  • Lace front strip: 13″ x 4″
  • Head size: 22.5″


  • Adjustable strap
  • Wig cap with elastic
  • Wig comb for secure placement
  • Great quality and 100% human hair
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72 reviews for Lace Front Wig

  1. D***y

    I liked it, ideal for any occasion! Makes me want to wear it everyday lol.

  2. L****a

    5 stars for this fantastic wig – looked very real, great shine, didn’t slide or move at all. I am very impressed. πŸ˜‰

  3. B*****t

    Easy to put on and stays perfectly in position and looks great. I definitely recommend this wig.

  4. A**a

    I like this 100% Brazilian human hair wig it looks natural. I will buy again in a longer length in the nearest future.

  5. E**a

    I wasn’t expecting anything too good for the price, but actually it’s great. Really good quality and was packaged in a way so as not to get messed up.

  6. A***a

    The wig had a very nice effect. Worth the money.

  7. C******a

    Nice wig and it sat well! Thumbs up!

  8. B****y

    It exceeded my expectations. This wig is super comfortable to wear! Thank you! 😊

  9. Y**a

    Good quality wig!! Worth the money and very realistic. It wasn’t itchy or annoying in any way!

  10. E***e

    Fab wig! Excellent value for the money.

  11. R**a

    Not so hot and easy to style. I love this wig!

  12. C******e

    Money well spent! Very happy with this, has a nice shine like it does in the picture.

  13. Z*****a

    For the price it’s an outstanding product. I rarely see great quality wigs online. Great job trendlio!

  14. A***e

    Very elegant looking and with volume that what I was looking for every time I buy wigs.

  15. S*****a

    Requires hardly any maintenance & with excellent value for a great quality wig.

  16. B*****a

    The pictures do not lie and they deliver it on perfect condition. Beautiful wig.

  17. L*******a

    My wig was excellent and everyone admired it! No complaints with this one.

  18. C*****e

    I’m in love with this wig. Feels good, not artificial. Looks great too.

  19. K*****a

    Great quality wig and with a lot of volume just like it was shown in the images.

  20. C****e

    Good fit, and I have a big head. Looked good on me too. 😊

  21. L***a

    The quality of the wig is impressive. The colour, length and texture really feel like it is my true hair.

  22. J***y

    I’m really pleased with this wig, well worth the money. Looks great and so looking forward to wearing it again when I’m attending some parties/events.

  23. C*******e

    This is the 2nd of these wigs that I bought. The first one was good so I bought this for a friend. It arrived on perfect shape, well packaged and looks like the photo. Great value for money.

  24. J*****e

    Surprisingly good quality, looks more natural than it does in the picture!

  25. T*****y

    Satisfied with this wig! Great product for that price! I bought mine with 16” in length.

  26. D*****y

    Very good quality wig: comes with a wig comb, adjustable strap helps it to sit well, and more importantly, it looks and feels natural. I highly recommend this product! 😊

  27. L***y

    This wig is so cute and looks great with my new dress.

  28. V******a

    I’m absolutely happy with the wig! It sits perfectly and I experience no problems at all. Thank you!

  29. C***y

    Sat well, some thought it was my real hair too! 😊

  30. M*****a

    I like the wig it is just as the picture. It is also good for the price and it can last long with care.

  31. P*****a

    Looks like in the pictures and with a little spray in the hair you got it really good.

  32. K****a

    Excellent fit and looks wonderful with the dress for our night out. I’m loving it!

  33. J****a

    The wig was only a few pounds but the quality was much better than expected. It was well packaged. I used it with a fancy dress and was so impressed I bought another for a friend.

  34. E***e

    Meets what was expected. It doesn’t tangle too much to be a long hair wig (I own 18 inches long wig).

  35. W***y

    Fitted well. Came neatly packaged with no knots in the wig.

  36. E****e

    Beyond expectation! Good shape, head size and length. Worth every dollar spent.

  37. J***b

    This wig fits beautiful on my girlfriend and she loves it. 5/5!

  38. E***a

    Haven’t tested it for myself. It is ordered for a friend but it really looks real! Amazing wig.

  39. M******e

    The wig looks great. It is practically the same as in the photo. I never regret buying it.

  40. R*****e

    Awesome wig it was nice and thick and yet not too heavy. Worn it a few times now and still full of life πŸ™‚

  41. G*****e

    Good quality wig. Soft to the touch! Looks real!

  42. S***e

    This is a great wig! Easy to wear and to style. I love it!

  43. F***a

    Great wig for the price. It looks almost identical to the picture. I had loads of compliments on the wig so a great buy.

  44. A***e

    I really liked this wig. I bought mine with 10” length. It was very good, easy to put on, the “hair” is smooth and nice.

  45. J***a

    This wig was accurate to the look on the website. It is good quality and fits nicely. Thank you trendlio.

  46. L**u

    I love the waves and it really looks stylish! Lots of hair and looked genuine. Best quality wig I bought so far.

  47. P***a

    Kept its shape perfectly and was able to manipulate as necessary. Didn’t itch at all either.

  48. J****e

    I love it! For what it costs – it is very beautiful and does not seem fake.

  49. Q******e

    Looks just as I had imagined. Sat well throughout the evening. I will definitely use it again.

  50. S***h

    Exactly as I thought it would look. I am satisfied buying this wig.

  51. C*****a

    It was a good wig! Well-made and service delivery was excellent.

  52. V******a

    This is the first time I have ordered from this website and I’m pleased to say I’m really impressed. The wig is perfect for me- it has good quality, comfortable and with fantastic value.

  53. G***a

    Very easy to style and has a good texture. Color is very natural looking, hair line etc. Very nice! I’d buy again if I need another one.

  54. B****a

    Awesome wearing wig while having chemo. I feel more alive and confident.

  55. F******a

    I really enjoyed wearing this. I received lots of positive comments. It is quite close to my own hair colour so everyone thought it suited me!

  56. H***y

    . I was so delighted when I worn this wig. Made me look so different in a good way. 😊

  57. D***a

    This is one of my favorite wigs now. Very beautiful. I love wearing different wigs and this one really caught my attention.

  58. J**e

    Very pleasantly surprised by the quality of this wig compared to its price. Realistic appearance when I really expected something very plastic and low end (based on my past experiences from other online shops/websites). Easy to style and set up. Stores very well. Nothing to say. I really recommend!

  59. L****e

    Sits well and is not too hot to wear for a few hours.

  60. S****a

    I LOVE this wig I’m actually thinking about purchasing another because I sadly lost my first. It’s great quality. And looks natural can’t even tell it’s a wig.

  61. T***y

    I like this wig! It is not hard to style. Stayed on well. Not hot.

  62. U****a

    This wig is excellent value for money. It looks good and the fit is perfect. I will be back for more in the future. Great wig!

  63. R**h

    Love this wig! Looks so real and got plenty of compliments on it.

  64. I****d

    A lot of people didn’t even realize it was a wig. Fab for the price!!!

  65. E****n

    Beautiful Brazilian hair and natural looking curls.

  66. N***y

    Shape of the wig was nice I was happy with it and it lasted the night and was fine.

  67. M****a

    Really good looking. I am super happy with my purchase! 😊

  68. Z**y

    Rated 5/5. Good value for money. Needs to be styled a bit but very good quality for the price.

  69. O****a

    I like this wig; it hits perfectly as it comes. It certainly has more volume than others I’ve seen.

  70. P****a

    Absolutely love this wig! I feel so confident wearing it. The color is beautiful and the length is sexy. 😊

  71. A*******a

    Bought for a friend who is delighted with it. She really loves her new lace front wig!

  72. S******a

    Comfy to wear, looks good on, had lots of fun wearing it. Thank you! 😊

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