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Natural Monkfruit Sweetener with Erythritol

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Made from a blend of organic monk fruit extract powder and erythritol, Naturally Sweet Monk Fruit Blend is a natural sweetener that has a clean, sweet taste with no after-taste. Comes in a resealable stand-up packet for convenience and to ensure freshness. Substitute for sugar on a 1:1 basis (1 teaspoon produces the same sweetness as 1 teaspoon of normal sugar).

  • Low calories
  • Zero GI
  • Zero carbs
  • Non-GMO

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The best sugar alternative out there

Naturally Sweet Monk Fruit Blend – Looks like sugar, tastes like sugar, only it’s actually good for your health.

How can something that looks like sugar and tastes like sugar actually be good for you? Naturally Sweet Monk Fruit Blend is made from monk fruit extract powder and erythritol.

Monk fruit is a natural sweetener and sugar substitute. It is also called ‘luo han guo’ and grows on a vine. The monk fruit’s extract contains substances called mogrosides, which are intensely sweet. It is native to regions of South East Asia including Thailand and China. Buddhist monks were the first to cultivate the fruit which is the reason for its name.

Naturally Sweet Monk Fruit is sourced from one of the world’s major suppliers and is certified as GMO free!

Our monk fruit has the following benefits:

  • 100% natural sweetener
  • Tastes just like sugar – but better!
  • Zero GI response
  • Zero carbs and very low calories
  • Has no bitter aftertaste
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties
  • Does not contain aspartame

Packed in Australia from imported ingredients.
Substitute for sugar on a 1:1 basis.

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34 reviews for Natural Monkfruit Sweetener with Erythritol

  1. F***x

    This is the best sugar substitute. You never know it is not sugar. There is no aftertaste and it does not cause tummy troubles as some other sugar substitutes do

  2. O****r

    It is a really good sweetener, leaves no after taste, and doesn’t raise sugar levels. Its price is super reasonable compared to other sweeteners that aren’t so healthy. 5/5!!!

  3. F**n

    I came across this product glad I did it’s an excellent sugar replacement! 😀

  4. J**k

    I have been using Natural Monkfruit Sweetener with Erythritol for over a year now, and it is the healthiest form of sweetener possible – research it! We use it for cereals, fresh fruit, smoothies, and for baking. It is all natural with no unhealthy chemicals.

  5. A*****s

    This is the best tasting sweetener I’ve had. It’s non-gmo which is one important reason I keep reordering it. I would definitely recommend it for anyone watching carbs and/or calories.

  6. T******e

    No sugar highs or lows, no cravings for more and no calories. I have used this for cooking and baking and found I can use a little less of this than the recipe calls for with sugar.

  7. S***s

    I am loving this addition to my low carb lifestyle. I disliked artificial sweeteners of all kinds until now.

  8. J****r

    The taste is better than most sweeteners. If you can’t have the real thing, this would be my next choice. No bitter after taste. Will try to bake with it next.

  9. A***r

    I buy this a lot because it’s the healthiest sugar available with no side effects, not just for diabetic but for everyone’s health. 🙂

  10. M**o

    Used for our keto diet for the added sweetness and no bitter after taste. It’s awesome!

  11. A****e

    After being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, I looked for a substitute as good as sugar that wouldn’t raise my glycemic index. I’m happy that I discovered this product. Been using it whenever we bake, cook, or just need something as sweet as sugar. A lot of our friends are using it now.

  12. O*****a

    Great alternative to sugar. I don’t like Xylitol or any artificial sweeteners. Good value. I bought it for baking.

  13. L**a

    Natural Monkfruit Sweetener with Erythritol is a low glycemic sweetener, meaning it won’t spike your blood sugars like regular sugar does. In this way it’s an excellent sweetener for those who are diabetic or those doing a low carb diet like keto. I like it. 😊

  14. P***e

    I use this in place of sugar in my hot tea – it’s very close to real sugar taste. And my 12-year-old sugar-addicted son can’t tell the difference either, so that’s a plus! Double thumbs up for us!

  15. A****a

    This is an excellent product. I’ve replaced it in all the drinks I normally would use sugar in (Coffee, tea, etc.) and found it to be an excellent substitute. No unpleasant after taste either. I haven’t used it in baking, so I can’t comment on how good it is for that.

  16. C**a

    Bought to try because it is a keto approved sweetener, and it is extremely delicious!! Definitely will purchase again!!! <3

  17. M***e

    Very good for sweet taste. I haven’t tried baking with it, but it is very good in coffee and anything else I need sweetened.

  18. A***a

    Great alternative to sugar for a great price. Best I’ve been able to find. We substitute monk fruit for sugar in all our recipes. It is not quite 1 to 1. We end up using a higher ratio of monk fruit. Well worth it though for the health benefits vs the health consequences of eating sugar.

  19. C*******e

    Perfect!!! Cured my sugar fix, very sweet. A little goes a long way. No chemical taste. Healthy. Good for my type 2 diabetes.

  20. A*a

    I bought this because I started the Keto diet but I still love to bake for the family. It is a great sugar substitute. No weird aftertaste and I honestly can’t tell the difference when using it for baking! 😀

  21. A****a

    Natural Monkfruit Sweetener with Erythritol is a great product. It is really a good sweetener with no bad after taste.

  22. O****a

    We now use Natural Monkfruit Sweetener with Erythritol for everything that requires sweetening like coffee, tea or any baking needs. It looks and takes just like real sugar and measures exactly the same in recipes.

  23. I**a

    I`m diabetic so it is very good for me and the taste is like real sugar. I love this!

  24. P***y

    Sooooo good!! If you haven’t tried this, you absolutely NEED to!! x

  25. T*****a

    Bought this for the hell of it just to try… and I have been hooked ever since. Love it!

  26. L****a

    Can’t get enough of it. Everyone in my family uses it now, so we’re constantly stocking up. Probably means it’s damn good!

  27. M***n

    I remember trying artificial sweeteners when I was younger and hated it, so it’s taken me years to finally give this a crack… but wow. I will NOT be going back to regular sugar! This tastes like the real thing but the benefits far outweigh that of sugar.

  28. P*****k

    I was skeptical to try this, but I gotta say… this stuff is legit. Will be back for more.

  29. J*****a

    Amazing, amazing, AMAZINGGG!! My sweet tooth is insatiable, so this is like a godsend for me. Thank you!

  30. S***t

    i have this every single day with my coffee and i love it. tastes pretty much just like sugar, only now i dont feel as guilty!!

  31. A**e

    Sometimes you stumble on a product that you just can’t live with out. This is the one for me. 100% recommended!

  32. K***y

    I use this for baking and it will literally change your life!!!

  33. J****e

    This is a great product. I’ve been using monk fruit as a sweetener way before it became this big thing on instagram and I can safely say it is the best sugar alternative I have tried…

  34. B****y

    This stuff is so amazing! I never use sugar anymore and this is supposed to be good for you, so I am ALL about this! 😀

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