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Natural Organic Coconut Sugar Substitute

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Our Natural Organic Coconut Sugar Substitute is a natural sweetener that has a subtle caramel taste. Comes in a resealable stand-up packet for convenience and to ensure its freshness. Substitute for sugar on a 1:1 basis (1 teaspoon produces the same sweetness as 1 teaspoon of regular sugar).

  • Low GI
  • Non-GMO
  • Certified organic
  • 100% natural

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A naturally sweet blossom extract

Naturally Sweet Organic Coconut Sugar is a sustainably sourced and harvested natural sweetener and sugar substitute. It has a low GI (Glycemic Index) rating of 35 and is mineral rich. The great thing about low GI foods is that they allow for a slow release of energy and as such avoid the ‘highs’ and ‘lows’ caused by most commercial sugars.

Naturally Sweet Coconut Sugar comes from the flower blossom of coconut palms which are grown in plantations in Indonesia that are certified organic.

  • 100% certified organic palm sugar with no fillers.
  • Vegan and non-GMO.
  • Low GI.
  • Source of zinc, iron and magnesium.
  • Great tasting with a subtle “caramel” scent and taste it is suitable for use in baking, marinades or dressings and delicious in tea or coffee.
  • Considered the most sustainable natural sweetener in the world.

Packed in Australia from imported ingredients.
Substitute for sugar on a 1:1 basis.

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11 reviews for Natural Organic Coconut Sugar Substitute

  1. P****z

    A superfood that people must have in their pantries. The taste is the same as regular white processed sugar, but this one is better obviously!!

  2. I*n

    I was a little worried about adding this sugar to my coffee, I didn’t want it to taste like coconut but it has no coconut taste at all, it has like a caramel taste to it and it’s really good. I know this is still sugar and I will use it in moderation along with a few other sugar substitutes that I like.

  3. L****y

    Love, love love this product. I no longer have prediabetes per lab test results, since making the switch to this product. For me it is very satisfying and does make you crazy with craving like white or brown cane sugar often does.

  4. N****a

    I have read the benefits of different sugars so I decided on Natural Organic Coconut fully expecting to hate it but its like a milder, grainier brown sugar. Switching was a breeze and this was the best deal I could find and I am 100% satisfied.

  5. C****a

    I would recommend this sugar. It’s perfect in my matcha lattes and I don’t notice it changing the taste. It’s healthier and is better for glucose. I also like making a healthy mocha, add with cacao powder and it’s better for you than that syrup stuff!

  6. P****r

    I’ve purchased Natural Organic Coconut sugars, and for the money, this one is the best. The packaging is resealable stand-up packet it will not spill whenever I get clamsy.

  7. S****a

    I believe switching to Natural Organic Coconut sugar has contributed more to my weight loss and better health than any other change I’ve made! This one is the best value I have found and I use it regularly.

  8. S*****n

    We have replaced all of our “refined sugar” with this Natural Organic Coconut sugar. It tastes great and is healthier for you. I do use a little less when replacing refined sugar in recipes. It has a more “brown sugar” flavour.

  9. T***a

    This Natural Organic Coconut sugar is soo tasty. It’s how I always imagined brown sugar should taste. It has a delicious flavour to it, it doesn’t taste like plain sugar. Any baked good I use this in automatically tastes 10x better.

  10. H***n

    I LOVE this organic coconut sugar! I have tried every kind of natural sweetener available, and I only like two of them, maple sugar and coconut sugar. I use the maple sugar for my coffee, and I use the coconut sugar for everything else.

  11. y***n

    Coconut sugar is not as sweet as white sugar but flavourful. My coffee was less sweet but I was ok with it as it had a nice flavour.

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