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Natural Stevia Blend Sweetener/Sugar Alternative

(17 customer reviews)

Our Natural Stevia Blend Sweetener/Sugar Alternative is as close to sugar as you can get. Comes in a resealable stand-up packet for convenience and to ensure its freshness. Substitute for sugar on a 1:5 basis (1 teaspoon is the equivalent of 5 teaspoons of sugar, so it’s 5x sweeter).

  • Zero calories
  • Zero GI
  • Sugar free
  • Non-GMO

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As close to sugar as you can get

Our stevia blend is almost calorie-free (0.8 calories/serving), has zero GI and is sugar-free. Best of all it tastes great, has no bitter aftertaste and you can use it in so many different ways, from cooking and baking, to sweetening drinks.

Here is the best buy on stevia you can find anywhere in Australia. No calories, no chemicals and easy on the budget. It is granular and has the same texture as sugar.

  • Convenient and economical to use.
  • Absolutely no artificial chemicals, alcohol or glycerin.
  • Only high quality organic RebA 98 stevia extract blended with erythritol, to improve the taste and to reduce the intensity of the stevia, and to ensure there is no bitter aftertaste.
  • Safe for diabetics.

Packed in Australia from imported ingredients.
Substitute for sugar on a 1:5 basis (5x sweeter than sugar).

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17 reviews for Natural Stevia Blend Sweetener/Sugar Alternative

  1. N**a

    I’m diabetic type 2, my daughter has a health and fitness blog. She recommended this product and I just stopped using white sugar, in fact our sugar shaker is full and hasn’t been used. The best part for me and my diabetes is my daily blood sugar has taken a 10 point drop which is fantastic and I expect it to go even lower with continued use. The price point is excellent. The packaging is great, pinch seal keeps it better than a container with a lid. I was hesitant at first but now a believer, for once my kid was right and I was wrong, now healthier.

  2. C**a

    I don’t know why I didn’t start using this instead of sugar before ! It might be a bit more expensive but it is worth it ! A lot healthier and taste the same ! I even use less than usual because I feel it is sweeter so it does balance out money wise!

  3. J****y

    Love it! Just because I can’t have sugar doesn’t mean I wan’t everything sweet. This product allows you to add just the sweet you want. I really like this product and the results I have when I use it. Try it. It’s not a million dollar investment.

  4. A****a

    This is much tastier than the plain erythritol. I use it to make frostings and it works great. The more time goes in after you make it the stronger the stevia flavor gets, though.

  5. H******e

    It dissolves beautifully, has the same consistency as granulated sugar and tastes wonderful. I am a repeat buyer and will stick with this product. All my sweet baking recipes taste so good now.

  6. B*****a

    I feel like I am having real sugar in my tea for the first time in years this is going on my favorites list!!!

  7. S*****a

    I have recently stopped eating sugar (because it is so bad for you), but I will not consumer artificial sweeteners either (equally bad for you if not more so) Even when we have dinner guests, nobody knows that our dessert is sugar free! I have used this to make everything from breakfast bars with fruit to key lime pie to baked cinnamon apples.

  8. O****a

    As someone who loves to have her coffee sweet but doesn’t want to deal with all of the calories that sugar brings nor the harsh chemicals of artifical sweetners, I have been on a search for a great tasting natural sweetner. During the pandemic I was not able to get many of my go to items, so I ordered this sweetener in Trendlio and I was in love immediately!! I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for the same. I hope this helps someone who is looking to enjoy their sweets without the negative effects.

  9. T***a

    I have used many sugars substitutes in the past to curb my sugar intake. I have to admit this Natural Stevia Blend is the best as far as taste and ease of use. I love sweet tea and using this product barley changes the taste. Also this does not effect the Glycemic index. My sugar level remains normal and does no climb while using this Stevia Product. After all of the products I have used this is definitely the best!

  10. N***a

    We use this in our household because my husband’s family is unfortunately full of diabetes, in spite of low weights and good lifestyle choices, so we watch his sugar intake pretty closely. My glucose has always been rock bottom, but my weight is beginning to inch up since I started into menopause.

  11. G****a

    I’ve tried several types and brands of natural sweeteners and this one is, by far, my favorite. It takes much better than anything else I’ve tried. A little bit goes a long way.

  12. P******s

    I bought this to cut down my sugar intake. So far, I like it much better. There is no weird or bitter aftertaste. I like the resealable bag, as well as the Nutrition Information at the back.

  13. S****a

    Perfect for Baking my famous White Chocolate Strawberry Cheesecake! I Made 2 Cheesecakes on Thanksgiving for Family and coworkers at work, and everybody just loved it! I just baked 2 White Chocolate Strawberry Cheesecakes today for Christmas and it tastes very good! It tastes just like Sugar.

  14. B*****a

    I love this stuff. I’m on Keto and therefore gave up sugar. This has saved the day I use it in my coffee and tea. My health is improving more and more every day since giving up sugar and going keto. I couldn’t be more pleased with my choice to take back my health.

  15. L****a

    I think I finally found my keto friendly sweetener. I’ve tried numerous types of sweeteners over three past few years, and all of them have fallen short of my expectations until now.

  16. G*****a

    It doesn’t affect blood glucose levels. This is the only product that my palate can’t tell the difference from normal sugars. It looks and pours like granulated sugar.

  17. R*****f

    LOVE this stuff! I am doing a ketogenic diet, and most recipes call for sweetener. I can eat desserts now without a guilt!

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