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Natural Xylitol Sweetener/Sugar Alternative

(15 customer reviews)

Our premium grade Natural Xylitol Sweetener/Sugar Alternative is corn based. Comes in a resealable stand-up packet for your convenience and to ensure its freshness. Substitute for sugar on a 1:1 basis (1 teaspoon is the equivalent of 1 teaspoon of sugar).

  • Low calories
  • Low GI
  • Non-GMO
  • Diabetic friendly

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40% less calories than sugar!

Naturally Sweet Xylitol – Looks like sugar, tastes like sugar, only good for your health.

How can something that looks like sugar and tastes like sugar actually be good for you? Naturally Sweet Xylitol is made from a product originally derived from birch bark but is now usually obtained from corn. It modifies the saliva in your mouth so that eating meals, desserts and candies flavoured with Xylitol not only do not cause cavities but prevents cavities by promoting the remineralisation of tooth enamel.

But as importantly, every teaspoon of Naturally Sweet Xylitol also contains 40% fewer calories than sugar! It is also so slowly absorbed that it has almost no effect on blood sugar levels for people who have diabetes. So why would you not use it?

Naturally Sweet Xylitol is sourced from one of the world’s major suppliers and actually meets pharmaceutical standards and is, like all of our products, certified as GMO free!

Our Xylitol has the following benefits:

  • 100% natural sweetener
  • Tastes just like sugar – but better!
  • Has a VERY low GI of only 7
  • Has no bitter aftertaste
  • Fights cavities and is recommended by Dentists
  • Freshens breath
  • Does not contain aspartame

Packed in Australia from imported ingredients.
Substitute for sugar on a 1:1 basis.

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15 reviews for Natural Xylitol Sweetener/Sugar Alternative

  1. G***a

    I have only just begun to monitor my carb consumption. In fact only for a year ago this month. Already I have lost a few ounces over 50 pounds. Using this Xylitol and cutting out a truck load of carbs, I am a success story.

  2. T****a

    I love the packaging! at the back it indicates the Nutrional Information, it is very helpful for us who are very strict when it comes to our diet and Comes in a resealable stand-up packet.

  3. S****y

    Perfect sugar replacement especially for those who are diabetic or pre-diabetic. Taste like a real good sugar. All natural. My mum and I use it for couple years. A friend of mine recommended this product.

  4. P****a

    Cannot say enough good words about this product! We absolutely LOVE this, the taste is clean, fresh and pure. It is the ideal sugar replacement for those wishing to cut down on sugar and safe for diabetics.

  5. S***a

    My husband uses in his morning coffee. Taste just like sugar without as many calories. Anything less is better in my opinion.

  6. L**a

    I use it in and on drinks and fruits and berries and things. Put it in plain yogurt so it is still sugar free, but edible. Stuff like that. It taste really good!

  7. Y***n

    I have bought several of these the last year. It mixes like sugar and has no after taste . I’ve had great results and use it all the time.

  8. S***a

    I bought this for a birthday gift for my friend and she loved it, now I ordered 1 for myself and 5 for my family. Good choice indeed!

  9. I****a

    I have completely made the switch away from cane sugar and this is the perfect substitute. I highly recommend. Great product!

  10. H****a

    On my second bag! This is a terrific value for pure 100% Natural Xylitol. Product arrived in perfect condition, and it tastes great. It is my main sweetener of choice for all of my baking, from cookies and bars to cakes and candy. I’ve even used it to make Keto ice cream and sweetened condensed milk!

  11. E****a

    My husband is diabetic, and I have liver problems, we both have to watch our sugar intake, This Product has given me the pleasure of enjoying a cup of tea, coffee, and I am going to use it to bake cookies next. It’s great knowing we can enjoy having the taste of sugar again, without all those calories of real sugar!

  12. N***a

    This product is fantastic. Great taste, dissolves just like sugar and a lot better for you than refined white sugar.

  13. J****e

    I have been using this Xylitol for a while now and I find it to be excellent. I mostly add this to the things that I am eating such as oatmeal. I have added it to when cooking with wonderful results

  14. K***a

    This product is amazing!!! My husband & I were both carboholics but now eat KETO and were looking for a natural sweetener that wouldn’t spike our insulin levels.

  15. E**a

    I have purchased this product five times!. Very happy with it. Natural Xylitol is the best alternative sweetener to sugar. Doesn’t alter the taste of beverages (particularly coffee) as other sweeteners do.

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