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Massage Gun

Get instant relief from muscle pain with our professional massage gun. It comes with 4 attachments to help you target your problem areas and 20 different speed settings for precise vibration to suit your needs.
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When a massage therapist isn’t on hand or you can’t convince your workout buddy to give you a massage, our Professional Massage Gun has your back, quads, glutes, biceps, and everything in between covered!


Stiffness and Soreness Relief:

The massage gun is used to relieve muscle stiffness and soreness, promote blood and lymph circulation, accelerate recovery after exercise and sports injuries, improve the overall health of the body’s soft tissues, and prevent inflammation caused by adhesion between the fascia and muscles.

Four Different Massage Heads:

The massage gun is equipped with four different shapes of massage heads to help users relax different body parts.

High-Quality Motor:

The massage gun comes with a high-quality motor this is quiet and heat-dissipating. The sturdy body produces smooth motions that effectively reduce the noise during operation to under 45DB, resulting in a calming massage experience.

Quick Charging:

The massage gun is equipped with a 2400mAh high-quality lithium-ion battery which lasts between 5 to 6 hours after each charge, and can be quickly charged in under 2 hours.

HD LCD Display:

HD LCD display with touch-sensitive buttons. Accurate display of gear speed, power and battery life. Change the speed using the 20-speed vibration adjustment, resulting in the perfect massage pressure customised to your needs.

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  • Size: 9­.45 × 9.64 × 2.01 inches
  • Application: running, fitness equipment, sports trends, fitness and body, health massage
  • Amplitude: about 12mm/0.47 inches
  • Gear position: 1–20
  • Speed: 1200–3300r/min
  • Charging voltage: 110–240V
  • Battery: rechargeable lithium-ion battery 24V 2400mAh
  • Use time: 5–6 hours
  • Charging time: 2 hours
  • Display: LCD digital display

Package Includes

  • 1x massage gun
  • 1x big round massage ball (for large muscle recovery)
  • 1x spiral head (for joints)
  • 1x fork leg tip (for spinal massage)
  • 1x flat tip (full body)
  • 1x rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • 1x power charger
  • 1x bag/case
  • 1x user manual

51 reviews for Professional Massage Gun

  1. T**y

    We love this! We have waited a really long time because it was expensive and didn’t seem like a good purchase. My husband has arthritis in his shoulder to the point that he can’t lift it all the way. Obviously this didn’t cure it but he could lift it a little bit higher and the pain was greatly reduced.

  2. I***n

    We absolutely love this massage gun. Both of us have chronic pains due to the tasks we need to perform at our jobs, and we visit our masseuse regularly to mitigate the pains. While no machine can replace a professional massage session, this massage gun reduces the frequency of the visits; plus, we no longer need to endure our pains until the next visit. We now use this massage gun daily, and it makes such a big difference.

  3. O***e

    I recently purchased this product for focused relief from the soreness associated with a new boxing regimen. The various attachments give me the flexibility to focus the therapy on specific points or larger areas. I had to start with the lowest settings, but I’m working my way to the higher settings.

  4. R***e

    This product is amazing. I suffer from soft tissue impinged nerves that cause severe pain and numbness. I have done numerous sessions of PT and deep tissue massage, and I have lived with the pain for more than 9 years. This is the only thing that is reliable in taking my pain away for long periods of time.

  5. A***e

    I have been using this massage gun for a month now and it has exceeded my expectations. The percussion effect is more powerful than I expected and the strokes get deep into the muscle for fast relief after a workout or long day of muscle aches.

  6. V****n

    First time a massage gun was introduced by my acupuncture doctor. Muscle felt relaxed every time he did the massage on my back. Due to the covid -19, I can no longer go to acupuncture sessions or massage. So I decided to get a Professional Massage Gun based on the number of reviews and stars. True enough it was a great tool. Muscle felt really relaxed after each use. Not a heavy tool and pretty quiet when in use so that was great.

  7. H****y

    This massage machine is very useful for me because I play basketball and work out everyday. When I feel sore after exercise and use the machine it can relieve most soreness from my body. When I received the package and opened it, it was like a great gift. There are 4 different massage heads, which can massage different parts of the body.

  8. P****r

    I work out all the time and have a muscular build. Before this purchase, I’ve been constantly sore with stiffness. I’ve been paying way too much on massages. This takes out all the aches and lactic acids. I’m always relaxed now.

  9. S***e

    I am a Licensed Massage Therapist. I read some great reviews about this device so I purchased one for my practice. My first use was on a client’s lower lumbar back area. After applying the flat head of the percussion massage gun this client experienced a release of back tension and felt much improved!

  10. L***y

    The Professional Massage Gun has been a life changer for me in the three weeks I have been using it. I suffer from Piriformis syndrome which causes extreme discomfort in the gluteus area that radiates pain down my left leg which is unbearable at times.

  11. P****t

    Bought this as a birthday gift for myself. First off, I would highly recommend it. I bought it to help me get through a training program that I knew would be tough for me. A friend of mine has a name brand version and to be honest I can’t tell the difference. I noticed when I do an all over massage, I feel lighter and less tense. It’s easy to use. My arms are flexible so I can do a pretty good job on my back too.

  12. I***a

    My wife got this for me as a gift and I couldn’t wait to start using it when it arrived a week before Christmas. It never made it under the tree because I was using my massage gun non-stop. First of all the battery life is unbelievable. Even with the factory charge, I pretty much used it the entire day! Then I plugged it up to charge, and to my surprise, I was still able to use it while charging!! Since the one charge, I’ve been using it on and off throughout the past 5 days and it STILL has all the battery lights on!

  13. I***a

    Bought this as a birthday gift for myself. First off, I would highly recommend it. I bought it to help me get through a training program that I knew would be tough for me. A friend of mine has a name brand version and to be honest I can’t tell the difference. I noticed when I do an all over massage, I feel lighter and less tense. It’s easy to use. My arms are flexible so I can do a pretty good job on my back too.

  14. G****t

    My husband had shoulder surgery in the summer and my son lent us his Hypervolt. It was a great tool we became accustomed to. So after he took it back after Christmas we chose to buy one.

  15. W***y

    I bought this for my wife who has muscular dystrophy and fibromyalgia. She is always having pain in her back along with muscle spasms and knots. Recently she has been having so many issues with hip and lower back pain. She was really hesitant to use it on her lower back hip area because of the pain so she took it from me and used it herself. She was in awe! For the last 3 years they have been giving her shots in her hips to help with the pain.

  16. Y***y

    Excellent Massager. Got this as a Christmas gift for my wife. We both love it. High quality construction. Battery life has been outstanding.

  17. L****y

    I’ve been paying for expensive vibration therapy with a PT and have just found that the Professional Massage Gun provides a very similar therapeutic effect. I can operate the massage gun on myself, focusing it on trigger points as illustrated and wherever it just feels good.

  18. J***y

    After having arthroscopic surgery to repair a torn hip labrum, I received physical therapy for 3 months. My DPT used this massage gun at my last appointment because my muscles and tendons were tight and painful. I had immediate relief after only 10 minutes of this! So, I went home and bought one for myself.

  19. H***a

    I purchased it for my husband. He is a UPS driver. It’s a physical job that over the years takes a toll on your body. He exercises and stretches daily to help his body. This massage gun has improved his life. He recovers faster and has improved flexibility.

  20. M****a

    I purchased this for my fiance who has been complaining of back pain and his coworker lent him theirs for a little which really improved his back pain. So I purchased this for one of our own so we didn’t have to borrow one.
    -easy to use
    -easy charge
    -love the case it comes with
    -easy to change out heads on the tool
    -it does work
    -relatively quiet although not as quiet as you would expect

  21. S***y

    Short story: easy to use, holds a charge, great for trigger point pain.
    I’ve been using this gun for about a month mainly around my trapezius and upper back area. My significant other uses it on his lower back area. We both have professions that require long days at a desk and this does just the trick to ease the dull aches and sharp pains after 10 minutes or less.

  22. S****a

    I suffer from fibromyalgia and have frequent muscle pains, tightness and myofascial release needs. I’ve had treatments with a specialist using a Theragun, and now with limited access to massage providers due to the current crisis, decided to give this item a try. So far it’s been working great and I feel like I’m getting very similar results to the higher end Theragun with the therapist.

  23. A***e

    As a 300 lb bodybuilder I wasn’t sure this would be strong enough for me. Boy was I wrong. It’s very powerful and very quiet. I use it all the time and I honestly wish I would not have waited this long to purchase a massage gun.

  24. L***a

    I am a professional badminton player and was researching a therapeutic massage gun for speedy recovery of sore muscles. Was convinced reading about this product and wanted to give it a try. This is an absolute must have product.

  25. P***y

    I purchased this device for my husband, an avid athlete with ongoing knee issues. He is a stubborn non-believer in health aids, seldom using pain meds. He just endures the pain/discomfort. Well, he was in his usual discomfort after a recent cardio workout and applied the massage gun. He was able to do leg presses the next day and cardio the day after, applying the massage gun after workouts. He is a BIG believer now.

  26. F***n

    Works wonders! I had been suffering from ongoing migraine headaches due to my back and neck being out of alignment. I desperately needed to see a chiropractor, but during this whole Co-vid 19 pandemic was not the time to be out shopping for a chiropractor. I couldn’t get comfortable-sitting or lying down.

  27. T***a

    I have used many massagers, from the Homedics shiatsu massage to the vibrating one, from neck and shoulder massager to the pillow to the cushion seat. This is by far the most powerful and thus effective one.

  28. O****a

    OK so this Gun is everything and anything you will need ♥️ I did a lot of research on the right massage gun to purchase For my Boyfriend’s Birthday. After Days of reading reviews from a bunch of different massage guns, I found this one. Super easy to use, Not loud at all compared to other guns and the price was right on the budget.

  29. L***a

    My physical therapist has one of these so I had to jump on it when I found this deal. My family and I are loving it! Battery lasts forever, is easy to use, has a good variety of attachments. More than anything it’s doing a great job relieving some of my back pain and plantar fasciitis.

  30. C****n

    I’ve only had this massager for 2 days but have used it for probably close to an hour over those 2 days. I’m really really liking it. I can’t say much about the long term benefits since it’s only been 2 days but I believe this will really help with all the muscle tension I have.

  31. X*a

    Quality is nice!! Heavy duty, durable and strong! It was already charged when it arrived so he used it that night. He was so happy to have massages again. He’s in construction and getting to the age where everything aches!! He said this massage gun feels just as good as his last one.

  32. S***a

    Bought this in an attempt to get some pain relief. My back is constantly in pain from sitting in a cramped car all day driving for my job. A co-worker suggested trying one of these. I couldn’t be happier with this product. After reading several reviews I decided on this massage gun based on the positive feedback and reasonable price.

  33. Q***n

    I bought this because I have been experiencing fibromyalgia and soreness beyond what seemed normal after a workout (3-5+days). Upon receiving this, I massaged my neck and upper back using the proper attachments. I used it 10 minutes at a time (recommended should not exceed 20). By day 2, my previously severe muscle soreness was rather mild. I was really surprised!

  34. G***a

    Very easy to use. Battery life is good, recharges quickly and has a battery indicator. Comes with a handy carrying case so it’s easy to transport to the gym or when traveling. 4 different attachments. 20 different speed settings.

  35. V****a

    After having one used on me by the physical therapist when I had tight muscles from my arthritis pain, I began looking to buy one of these. I hoped that it would help me to massage my husband’s tight shoulders and upper back when he gets sore. It has been terrific!

  36. M****a

    I had been looking at the more expensive version of these massager guns ($349-$500+), and although those seem to have more ‘power’ (nothing outrageous that renders this unit inferior), this unit performs just as well, in my opinion.

  37. B***a

    As a health and fitness coach, pain is inevitable for me and my clients, so I decided to try out this Professional Massage Gun out. This gun definitely does not disappoint! Easy to use, constructed strong, and the percussion is strong enough to hit those nasty knots.

  38. N**a

    I couldn’t wait to try out this massager. Compared to other massagers from reputable companies, this massager is comparable. It quickly relieves neck tension stiffness and you immediately feel the heat of the blood circulating in the treated area. Doesn’t take very long. It is very quiet compared to others.

  39. D***a

    My job involves mostly sitting. And I have chronic shoulder pain. Went to physio but didn’t improve much. This gun has made my day pass so easier. Just a few minutes of massage and pain improves a lot.

  40. W***y

    This product is amazing! I suffer from spinal stenosis and degenerative disc disease. This machine helps to relieve my pain. I absolutely recommend this machine. Best one on the market for sure.

  41. K***y

    I was looking for something like this since last year but couldn’t trust so many different makes, shapes and claims with no reviews. I’m glad that I chose this one which was only based on all the good reviews.

    It is well designed and built, light weight, quiet, practical and durable, sure it is worth the extra money.
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  42. P**a

    This is a great massage gun that works very well and is also built very well as well. it is made with high-quality materials and seems durable, hopefully, it lasts a long time. It is very powerful and has many different speeds to choose from to suit your needs.

  43. K***e

    I tried it once at my friend’s place and I was amazed by its capabilities. Since I’m involved in the festival/dance culture – I know that a lot of folks get incredibly tired while dancing the whole day or night. This kind of machine helps relieve muscle pain and general stress.

  44. H****y

    I got this massage gun right before I left for a week-long festival.

  45. U****e

    This Professional Massage Gun… in fact the whole family fights to use it. My husband is a soccer player (60 years old), so is my son (27), my daughter plays field hockey(25) and my youngest son(24) plays Hockey. The whole family goes to the gym or Boot Camp so this gun gets a lot of use!!! It is great for delayed onset muscle syndrome (DOMS).

  46. N***y

    I used other massage guns and it worked great. I wanted to buy one for my mum as she has been working hard and she has sore arms and hypertension. It really helps in between treatments for her issue and it doesn’t vibrate too much to hurt other hands. attachments get right into where she needs them to be.

  47. S***a

    I’ve been working out a lot at home due to the circumstances of the world and this massage gun has really done wonders. It’s really helped with the soreness/tenseness of my muscles, especially during the warm-up and cool-down portions of a workout.

  48. H*****e

    BEAST! To say the least. Where do I start? This massage gun is definitely the best I’ve ever owned or let alone tried. It comes in an elegant almost carbon like case with slots for each attachment to sit neatly in. I’ve had a few massage guns that just toss the attachments in the case, so when you open it up they go everywhere. Nothing like that here!

  49. J****r

    I bought this gun massager for my mother. she used it for her back pain, and it really helped her. This massager gives a very relaxing and deep massage and works like physiotherapy massage. It is made of material which cannot break even if fall from 6 ft. It takes charge fast and works for 6 hours in one charge. It comes with a carrying box ,which help in carrying the product anywhere easily.
    I am happy with the purchase so far, and would definitely recommend this to other friends.

  50. D***a

    1. I did a lot of research on the right massage gun to purchase and watched a ton of YouTube videos.
    After reading other reviews, i found this one was a great option. It was quieter than most, easy to use on myself or have my wife use it, and the price was right on the money.

  51. S*****a

    My physiotherapist used this on me for the first time the other week and I was so surprised with how good it felt on my muscles. I wanted one for myself after that and I am so glad that I found this product and gave it a try – definitely worth the spend!

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