Rechargeable Moon Lamp

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Our Rechargeable Moon Lamp will add a magical ambience to any room. Light up your life (or your living room) with our classic White Moon or the new Multicolor option. It doesn’t need to be plugged into power to work and operates on touch gestures. So cool! Get yours today.

Moon Lamp
  • Rechargeable

    Achieve a full charge in 30 mins.

  • Portable

    Move it to where you need it.

  • Remote controlled

    Control the color from afar.

  • Real moon texture

    3D modelled off the real moon.

  • Variety of sizes

    To fit your needs.

  • Touch operated

    Easy to operate via touch.

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Are you looking for a unique lamp that will capture imaginations and instil a “WOW” factor into your home? Our Rechargeable Moon Lamp is the perfect addition to your home or as a gift to that someone special. Choose from 16 color modes, adjustable brightness, easy USB charging, and what’s best… you can take it anywhere! Take it camping, use it as a night light, use it as a reading light – the applications are endless.

Adjustable brightness
Easy charge via USB
16 ambient colors
Portable & rechargeable
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  • Comes in 2 versions, the Cool/Warm White and the Multicolor;
  • Battery capacity: 400mAh li-po battery (built-in);
  • Charging time: 2-4 hours;
  • Working time: 8-10 hours (depending on brightness );
  • Power supply: USB DC 5V 1A.


  • Carefully constructed over 26 hours using state-of-the-art 3D printing technology and NASA satellite images to create a realistic moon surface texture that mimics the detailed craters of the actual moon;
  • Charge for 2 hours, use the lamp for 8-10 hours. Perfect for taking with you around the house or camping etc;
  • Our Moon Lamp is made of FDA approved PLA – environmentally-friendly and non-toxic;
  • Energy efficient LED light bulb – the lamp stays cool even after extended use and gives off a soft light which won’t hurt your eyes. When you finish reading you can downgrade it from a reading light to a relaxing light to help you to continue to wind down for the night.

Package Includes

  • 1x Moon Lamp (built-in battery)
  • 1x remote control (Multicolor version)
  • 1x wooden holder/frame
  • 1x USB charging cable
  • 1x manual

29 reviews for Rechargeable Moon Lamp

  1. R**a

    I am 32 years old this year, but I still have a young imagination haha. I like watching the stars and the moon. Last friday was the wedding anniversary of my husband and I. My husband gave me a moon lamp. It is very close to the real moon and can be recharged. I love it.

  2. C**a

    I had high expectations for this product as I was recommended by a friend. Ideally, I had bought it to use as a soft nightlight. It’s been a few weeks now and I am happy to report that I like it very much so.

  3. A**a

    If you’re looking for a moon lamp, this one is great! I use it as a night light since I can’t sleep in complete darkness, and it’s awesome! I keep mine plugged in at all times, and the remote is very handy. It really does look like the moon. I’ve gotten so many compliments on it!

  4. P***a

    This is such an adorable night light. My son loves it. We use it every night. You can choose what colors you like. It’s the smaller one but still a great size. I’m planning on purchasing more for myself and gifts for my family.

  5. T**y

    I love it, Way exceeded my expectations. I just thought of a nice light with a print on the sphere when in fact the “moon” is actually textured! just Wow

  6. I*n

    I got the smallest size and it’s perfect for a side table/nightstand if you want it nearby like I did. I love it and so does my toddler.

  7. M**k

    Bought for my 6 year old for Birthday and he loves his moon! This is now his nightlight! Works like a charm. He can even choose a color as he likes.

  8. D**a

    Bought for my 6 year old for Birthday and he loves his moon! This is now his nightlight! Works like a charm. He can even choose a color as he likes.

  9. V***a

    This has become a family fave.. even though I bought it for myself lol. My sons love it, my husband loves it & of course I do. And we all have our favorite colors to select. Great highlight, great party effect, great ambiance setter.. especially the price.

  10. G**a

    Yo this thing is awesome. I got it for my son’s birthday and tested it out beforehand, highly considering keeping it for myself now. It’s awesome, realistic, pretty dang sturdy and has a little stand.

  11. T**a

    Love this!!! It’s perfect for the nursery. I think every kid should get one. I actually want one for myself. Money well spent.

  12. G**a

    I ordered this moon lamp to use as a light in our bedroom, instead of leaving the tv on. It’s very cool and nice looking. It’s textured, and actually looks like the moon.

  13. Q***n

    I bought this for my desk at work and I’ve gotten some compliments on it. I like changing the colors to match my mood that day.

  14. L***e

    Very cool. I got this for my niece (well my sister in law) for her themed bedroom. It appeared to be very bright if turned up all the way, it has a selection of colors on it as well.

  15. D***a

    My son is 20 so he is far too old to have a nightlight. I originally got this to leave it down in the living room, but he liked it so much it went to his room. This is more than I expected!

  16. S***r

    This is wonderful. My kids loved it and they couldn’t stop shearing at it. My oldest son always told me one day mom I’ll give up the moon.

  17. L**a

    This moon light will make your room look fantastic when the night comes. I like the natural yellow color more than other colors. And the size is perfect on your desk.

  18. F**a

    I really liked this lamp because it looks amazing when lit up and I wanted to use it as my night lamp.

  19. A***t

    I’m not great at visualizing actual size by measurements with this kind of thing, but I was happy to find out that this moon was a very decent size.

  20. S***a

    My jaw just dropped when I opened up the box. This amazing moon looked 1000x better than I expected- and I hadn’t even turned it on. You could seriously leave it turned off on a table and it’d still be worth the price as a neat display.

  21. E****e

    I love this light. It is just so cool. I love the moon in general and this just adds to my room. I think it is just the most awesome light ever. It is just brilliant and would work as a great gift for any moon lover.

  22. M**y

    I got this moon lamp and I absolutely love it. It is bright enough to light up a room (think seeing what you are doing, not reading a book) and looks incredible while shifting through the various colors.

  23. D**i

    A great Night light or Mood light, a big hit with everyone around here. The remote allows you to set the color or to set it to Cycle through all the colors.

  24. M**o

    Bought for my 9 year old, but just had to buy one for my husband who JUST HAD to have one of his own in his bathroom for late night trips in the dark! This “moon” looks so realistic, we all love staring at it! It looks so fragile, but it’s unbreakable! The remote control is fantastic, the amount of variety in the color combinations is absolutely amazing.

  25. O***o

    I love this lamp! I bought the largest size and it’s perfect! The colors are great and I love that you have a remote control.

  26. P***r

    Oh boy, my little moon, how you keep me company and keep my roomy cozy and colorful.

  27. N***l

    I got the largest size as a gift for my husband. He loves everything about it. It’s really a beautiful light that we both enjoy having in our living room.

  28. P***t

    this is the perfect little lamp and it’s so surreal you actually feel mesmerized when you look at it it’s like the moon is really there in your hands! perfect gift for anyone you love.

  29. H***y

    This lamp is amazing. Aside from the fact that it’s a 100% accurate 3D moon (!!!!!), it’s incredibly versatile for lighting purposes. The full range of colors available is great (I’m partial to the yellow and orangish yellow), and it’s lightweight enough that I was able to hang it from a wire hook with no issues.

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Moon Lamp Color

2 Colors: Warm/Cool White, Multicolor: 16 Colors

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10cm / 3.9 inches, 15cm / 5.9 inches, 20cm / 7.9 inches