Sand-Free Quick Dry Beach Towel

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Our Sand-Free Quick Dry Beach Towels will leave you wondering why you’ve never had one before! These towels are made from our special SuperDry fabric (specially-made microfiber) which is super-absorbent, quick drying, and it even repels sand, making it the perfect beach towel.

Sand Free Quick Dry Beach Towel
  • Sand free

    Leave the sand at the beach.

  • Full-sized beach towel

    160cm x 80cm / 63 x 31 inches.

  • Ultra absorbent

    Over 1 litre of water.

  • Rapid-drying

    Half the time of a regular beach towel.

  • Compact when rolled

    Fits in the free carry bag.

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Are you looking for the perfect beach towel? One that won’t let sand stick to it, is super absorbent, AND looks amazing? Look no further – our Sand-Free Quick Dry Beach Towel is the perfect solution. With so many happy customers, the choice to invest in this superior beach towel is easy. Get yours today and save!

Sand-free & easy to clean
Super absorbent
Vibrant & unique designs
Quick drying
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  • Material: 88% polyester + 12% nylon = sand-repellent microfiber
  • Size: 160cm x 80cm / 63″ x 31.5″


  • Anti-sand / no sand / sand-free material;
  • Quick dying – no more waiting for your towel to dry;
  • Super absorbent, allowing you to dry yourself off effectively;
  • Vibrant colors and designs;
  • Free carry case for ease of storage and travel.

Package Includes

  • 1x Sand-Free Quick Dry Beach Towel
  • 1x FREE carry/storage bag

Please note that your selected design will be on one side of the towel, the reverse will be white, i.e. one-sided printing. Since you will be sitting/lying down on the printed side, we have decided not to print on the side that is placed onto the sand as it won’t be visible anyway – this reduces the price of manufacture and this cost saving is passed on to you, our valued customer. This is NOT a Tesalate towel – refunds will not be offered to customers who mistakenly buy this thinking it is a Tesalate branded towel.

39 reviews for Sand-Free Quick Dry Beach Towel

  1. E**a

    This is my second towel. My husband was so impressed with my towel he wanted one too. Takes up so little space but absorbs so much moisture. Wonderful at the beach sand falls away keeping towels clean and user friendly. No grit rubbed over you as you dry off. Towel also dries quickly. Wouldn’t use a normal beach towel again!

  2. K**a

    Product was beautiful in design and had a wonderful feel to them . Great value and would certainly recommend them

  3. R***a

    The towel is beautiful to look at and so light and easy to take to the beach or anywhere really. Sand brushes off easily and I like mine so much I’m going to buy one for a friend.

  4. D***e

    We absolutely love our beach towel. We love how they are sand free, we actually tested them and can’t recommend them enough!

  5. C***a

    Materials are fantastic. The colours and patterns look better in real life than on the website. They are super compact and take up about an eighth of the space of normal beach towels. We absolutely love them!

  6. B***a

    This is my new go to towel, it really does work, I’m very happy with my purchase, definitely will recommend it to others !!

  7. D**a

    Used our beach towels this long weekend. They dried fast took up literally no space in the car and we left all the sand on the beach

  8. Y***a

    Excellent product good quality and choice of great designs to suit all tastes

  9. L***a

    Very good – I am enjoying my new towel. It drys very well I swim each morning in the rock pool at the beach so really needed a good towel 👍

  10. T***a

    This is a fantastic item for little ones who love the beach and need something sand free and comfortable to wrap up in after a morning of splashing in the sea. I highly recommend it.

  11. V****a


  12. Z***a

    As I’ve experienced, it’s true that their beach towel is sand free, quick dry and easy to fold into a small size towel.

  13. E****a

    Excellent product! Bought a towel for me and will be ordering more for the family. I love how quickly it dries me off after a day at the beach.

  14. A****a

    Great towel for the beach! I purchased one to try it out and have since purchased more. Would not go back to an ordinary beach towel!

  15. R***l

    I love shaking out and laying out my towel as the vibrant colours and awesome print really stand out. But my very favourite feature is the ease of folding it into a small bundle and packing it into my carry bag.

  16. O***a

    These towels are just amazing! No sand sticking and easy to clean. It’s extremely comfy and big enough for two people.

  17. H***n

    I purchased 2 for my girls who pretty much live at the beach and they love them. nice and compact. Will have to buy more so these can get washed!!

  18. K***n

    So much less to carry and so easy to use. Dries your body well & is so easy to get rid of all the sand that collects when you have little ones running all around over your beach site.

  19. S***e

    It is a really pretty towel, the colours are beautiful. Good size laid out but folds up really small so great and lightweight to transport in a small backpack.

  20. M*a

    I recently bought 4 of these towels and my family have just subjected them to a 10 day bush/beach camping holiday. They look fantastic and they perform even better- easy to pack, quick to dry, very water absorbent and do not collect sand. I am ordering more as gifts.

  21. T**a

    I love this towel. The size is inviting, it dries fast, and everyone compliments me on the colors. I use it for all kinds of things and keep it in the car.

  22. E***e

    I purchased these towels to use on a short beach vacation with my Mum. We absolutely loved them! They dry so quickly, fold up small, and are bright and beautiful! We got many compliments on them from others around us on the beach! I will be purchasing more in the future!

  23. L***a

    Sand shakes right off the towel. They are very light weight and easy to pack in a beach bag. Great purchase!

  24. O**a

    Amazing! I love the feel of the towel, it is so lightweight and folds down to next to nothing! No more bulky heavy towels for me! I love the design too – colours are so vibrant.

  25. Q***n

    Really happy with my purchase. Towel is absorbent, easy to carry around and takes up a lot less storage space in my cupboard. Highly recommend

  26. F***a

    My purpose for this towel is unusual. I was looking for a throw for our brown couch that is used by our dogs. It needed to be beautiful and hold up to being washed often. The colors are gorgeous.

  27. B***a

    Super excited about this product, I love that I don’t have soggy wet towels anymore. Tested them at the beach also and it works as stated – no sand in my car – although now i wish my children’s feet were also made of the same product 🙂 Great product – thank you!

  28. S***a

    Just love this Towel on the Beach no bringing the beach home with me..left the sand where it belongs.on the Beach.

  29. J****r

    Amazingly trendy and life saver on the beach! Everything the site tells you it does, no faults at all!

  30. O**o

    The sand fell right off just as it says. It’s so pretty too!

  31. G**a

    These towels were great to take with us for our holiday. Easy to fit into our luggage. Very absorbent and quick drying. Thanks

  32. L***a

    I love it! No sand, never soggy, light to carry and looks great.

  33. S***a

    Amazingly trendy and a lifesaver on the beach!

  34. P*a

    As promised the towel out performs a normal cotton equivalent in both drying and absorption.

  35. A***a

    Fantastic, colour is very bright and performs well in drying and absorption.

  36. M**k

    The towel is great! Super absorbent and no sand! Exactly what is described! Highly recommended.

  37. S****y

    Loved my one from last year so much, now bought one for each kid as well. Absorbent, repels sand, light weight, easy to pack and also dries quickly. Beautiful designs and quick delivery.

  38. H***y

    I am in love with the pattern, and it has enough weight that it can withstand a gust of wind which is so nice for the beach. It dries fast, and rolls up small enough to easily carry around with you. It’s also nice enough to use for a fancy picnic or out on your balcony as decor.

  39. P****t

    It’s super light and extremely compact. The sand falls off extremely easily. Would highly recommend it if you visit the beach often!

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