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Satisfyer Pro 2 Rechargeable Clitoral Stimulator

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This is the only sex toy you will ever need! Our Satisfyer Pro 2 is absolutely flying off the shelves as its guaranteed to provide you with explosive pleasure sensations with its innovative pressure wave stimulation. Get yours quick before stock runs out!


  • Waterproof
  • Rechargeable
  • Skin friendly silicone
  • 11 stimulation modes
  • Whisper quiet
  • Easy to clean
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Enjoy contactless clitoral stimulation with the Satisfyer Pro 2, the updated and quieter Satisfyer. Engulf your little love pearl with the hollow silicone tip and revel in the multiple speeds of non-numbing, pulsating suction.

Ergonomically designed with a slim handle and 2 button controls, the Satisfyer is easy to hold and use. Charge to power between uses with the magnetic charging system, which requires no cumbersome or fiddly plugging in. An LED light lets you know your toy is charging.

Get the most pleasure from your Satisfyer Pro 2 by running a little water-based lubricant around the silicone rim before use. Buy one today and throw out the rest of your toys – you won’t regret it and you won’t need anything else after you experience the Satisfyer Pro 2!

Skin-friendly silicone
Whisper quiet
11 speed modes
Easy to clean
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Essential Info

  • Allergens: Latex-free, phthalate-free
  • Features: Rechargeable

Power and Speed

  • Power type: Rechargeable
  • Run time: 30 minutes
  • Vibration speed: 11 speeds/modes

How it Measures Up

  • Circumference: 8.9cm
  • Length: 16.5cm

How it Feels

  • Flexibility: Firm
  • Material: Silicone


  • USB rechargeable clitoral stimulator for contactless massage
  • Surrounds erogenous zones without touch for non-numbing stimulation
  • Multiple speeds of fluttering vibration for customisable play
  • Magnetic charging system – 150 minute charge time for 30 minute play time

Package Includes

  • 1x Satisfyer Pro 2
  • 1x charging cable
  • 1x operational manual

Operational Video

25 reviews for Satisfyer Pro 2 Rechargeable Clitoral Stimulator

  1. F*****a

    My husband and I use a range of toys but it wasn’t until we used this that we found out im a squirter (soz for TMI lol). Its just incredible started of on the lowest setting but worked my way up and got extreme pleasure. Never experienced anything like it and now its my favourite toy.

  2. B*****y

    After 8 years of trying different toys, I wasn’t able to find one that could make me orgasm… Until now .The Satisfyer Pro 2 is honestly the best sexy purchase I’ve ever made. It’s absolutely amazing at the price point, and feels different to all of the other female toys on the market. I was used to vibrators numbing sensation, but this doesn’t numb anything. Seriously, give it a go… I haven’t regretted it.

  3. K***y

    Okay, so I don’t write many reviews, like ever. But this – this is worth a god damn review. I’m 27 and before this I honestly wasn’t sure if I had ever had an orgasm or if I could even have an orgasm if I hadn’t had one yet. I have tried bullet vibrators in the past and they were okay but nothing to rave about. My friend recommended this and I wasn’t really expecting miracles and then BOOM. I can reach an orgasm within 5 minutes with this bad boy. Honestly I am like a teenager again and my husband has never been happier. It’s just so much fun and now I know what having an orgasm actually is and I can’t get enough. A M A Z I N G.

  4. J**l

    So, after 27 years of being alive on this planet and thinking I couldn’t make myself orgasm, tried a bunch of vibrators and spent hours trying to make myself cum I nearly gave up until my friend told me about this bad boy….. well holy hell. Everything you read on here is true, you don’t have a choice with this clit sucker, you are going to cum. And it’s going to be the most intense, wild orgasm you’ve ever had. Stop wasting time and purchase the satisfier pro2, I promise you will NOT be disappointed. Every orgasm you have will be different, you won’t be able to talk or move for minimum 30 secs post cumming. I’m at work just thinking about it right now. So excited to go home and use it for the 1000th time and drift off into dream land.

  5. C********r

    I have heard so many things about this toy I just had to buy it for my wife. At first she was a little unsure. But as soon as we tried it it was an instant hit. The quickest orgasm she has ever had. And not just one orgasm, it was multiple. This toy is a must have in the bedroom for solo and for couples.

  6. A****w

    i have read the reviews and decided to buy one for my wife, it was awesome and she loves it. we had so many other vibrators but this one trumps all of them. and it doesn’t vibrate the entire hand like other vibrators do. highly recommended for couples or solo.

  7. T****y

    This toy is a must have, honestly requires the least amount of effort for the most powerful orgasms I have ever experienced, between the sucking of the toy and the vibrations, orgasms are no longer an out of reach outcome for women. Multiple orgasms can be achieved within such little time with this toy, both on your own and with a partner this toy is a must have and a very welcome addition needed for every collection of toys!

  8. D****a

    Not sure where to start, but this little golden pleasure is the jack pot! I’m spewing I never bought it earlier! I received it today & used it for the first time & I’m addicted. It’s like a little party downstairs. Absolutely worth the money. Who even needs a man, this pocket rocket is all you need. Quick. Efficient. Easy to use! I got the big O in under a minute 🥲 I’ve never had an orgasm like that before. I can’t wait for later, it’s currently charging 😀

  9. B****a

    I’ll admit I was skeptical when purchasing this product as all the positive reviews left me with some great expectations…Holy. Goddamn. This golden weapon truly is incredible. I have never orgasmed so hard in my life. It’s slow building and so powerful it tips through you like a freight train. Don’t waste anymore time. You need it.

  10. L***y

    I bought this for my partner, she literally had a screaming orgasm within 60 seconds. We decided it may have been turned up too high and tried again, but less than a minute later same result. I now haven’t heard from her in nearly 2 days…

  11. D**e

    I purchased this for my wife and while I was at work she test drove it. She tells me within 30 seconds she knocked out the first of four orgasms and by the fourth she couldn’t feel her ears anymore. Buy one and thank me later.

  12. N***i

    10/10 it’s amazing I’ve recommended it so so many of my friends, have never had orgasms this good! Goodbye boyfriend 😉

  13. M*****t

    I have never felt the intensity like what I felt with this satisfier. Also the ease of using it!

  14. K**e

    This was my first sex toy ever and after using for a minute, there was no need for my boyfriend LOL. It’s super easy to use, great sensation and a great size. I just wish it came with a bag to easily and secretly store away. 100% recommend.

  15. G****l

    Oh my ! This is now my favorite sex toy from my collection. I instantly reached orgasm and it wasn’t even on the highest setting, I recently went to a sex store and was told that these toys arnt worth the hype and I was instantly put off but after reading the reviews I thought I would give it a go and I’m so glad I did. Only down fall is there is a bit of an odd smell once it’s out of the packaging, but just wash it first and its fine.

  16. B*****a

    This thing is just amazing. Astounding. I have no other words. It’s pretty, it’s intense and the “O” is unlike anything I’ve ever had!

  17. R*****a

    The SP is the best vibrator I’ve ever used and I’ve meddled with a variety of vibrator styles. There is a variety of of vibration settings if you also like that sensation but the main suction feature overrides ANYTHING. It’s amazing and I rarely use the vibe.

    It’s addictively good but the only downside is the charge doesn’t last long, especially left for a few days unused.

    In this case it’s absolutely worth it for the toy, I just keep it near my charger port most days and am mindful to not forget or I’m let down heavily. Masturbation isn’t the same without it

  18. T***h

    So My friend recommended this to me and I was a bit iffy at the start but OMG! I wish I got it sooner!!

  19. P*****e

    Bought this months ago and only started using it recently and I’m furious that I waited so long to buy it and then use it.
    So easy to use and sooo powerful. Love the design and suction. If you don’t have it, buy it. I’ve told all my girlfriends to get it.

  20. R***r

    Bought this for wife as she got told it was good and our sex life had taken a dive following 3 kids and renos. Im not one to write a review usually but this was worth every cent. Be cool to get a smaller version to use more successfully during the deed. Spot on!!

  21. L****a

    AMAZING literally the best orgasms of my life this product is 100% worth it

  22. K*****l

    This is the first vibrator i’ve ever bought and was nervous if it would be good for me. Took me about 5 min to O with it and squirted for the first time in my life !! Wild times , love the product thank you!

  23. J*****a

    Well holy crystal balls that was unexpected!!

  24. S***h

    Honestly I’ve been doing the deed with one person for 4 years now and I thought it was really good until I tried this little machine. Let me tell you I have NEVER felt like this Before, I squirted (excuse my language) so many times, my whole face was tingling. No male has ever made me feel like this Ever before! I was sceptical at the reviews but now I’m here to tell you to BUY THIS. I deleted tinder I no longer need a male haha. I’m shocked.

  25. J**e

    I’m a 19 year old Female and honestly holy moly never have I ever had a favourite toy! This is the one clitoral stimulator I will ever use. 10 minutes and I just O’ed big time. Never before!! This is defiantly a must have in your toy collection!

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