Sewing Machine + Optional Kit

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We’ve got everything you need to start sewing with our versatile, portable, and lightweight sewing machine with optional kits.

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  1. Standard Package
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Get crafty with our amazingly affordable sewing machine that comes with everything you need to begin your sewing projects. It’s portable, lightweight, comes jam-packed with features, and we’re even including a sewing kit to get you going as quickly as possible. Check out our happy customers’ reviews and then go ahead and buy with confidence.


  • Offers double threading and perfect stitch control
  • A light for better sight and more accurate threading
  • Quality materials and good build quality
  • Small, compact and lightweight – perfect for small jobs
  • Suitable for all sewing machine users with its standardized features
  • Comes with a thread cutter for easy cutting
  • Large spool can be used with the rewinding device for easy bottom bobbin replacement
  • A great sewing machine for those that are just starting out due its affordability and simplicity

Standard Package Contents

  • 1x sewing machine
  • 1x power adapter
  • 1x foot treadle
  • 1x sewing parts

Sewing Kit Contents

  • 32x large thread spools
  • 32x small thread spools
  • 1x 1.5m tape measure 
  • 1x box of needles
  • 1x spring needle
  • 1x seam ripper
  • 1x threader
  • 1x scissor


  • Voltage: 100-240V, 50-60Hz
  • Power supply: Household charger or 4 x AA batteries (not included)
  • Material: Plastic and stainless steel


  • Product weight: 0.65kg / 1.43lb
  • Package weight: 0.97kg / 2.14lb
  • Product size(L x W x H):
  • 17 x 9.5 x 18 cm / 6.69 x 3.74 x 7.09 inches
  • Package Size(L x W x H):
  • 22.5 x 13.5 x 21 cm / 8.86 x 5.31 x 8.27 inches
  • Extension table size: 25 x 9.5cm / 9.84 x 7.87 inches
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65 reviews for Sewing Machine + Optional Kit

  1. H***y

    This machine is well worth the price and is so very easy to set up and use.
    Different stitches & easy to thread bobbin and main needle. I’m loving it!

  2. C****e

    Indeed an amazingly affordable sewing machine that comes with everything you need to begin your sewing projects. Very well said! 🙂

  3. E****r

    Thrilled with this sewing machine. Took a little getting used to at first after using a 20 year old sewing machine. All the controls are different to what I had been used to. Easy to set up, light weight and compact like many would say. I recommend it to anyone from beginner to advanced sewer.

  4. S****r

    Surprised by the quality considering the low price and how much others can cost for virtually the same type of machine. Would well recommend this to others.

  5. A****s

    I bought it for my sister who is very happy with it as she loves hobbies and says she loves it for what she does in her hobbies.

  6. A****a

    After returning back to home seeing what a lovely machine to come back too.
    My old one was so so heavy so I had to wait for my husband or someone who can lift and carry it for me.
    This is perfect weight with a comfortable carry handle and all the stitches and bits and bobs that come with it is all that’s needed for day to day tasks plus more. Highly recommended and good price.

  7. P****e

    There’s nothing more that I can ask for! This is a perfect sewing machine for me. I am so in love with it.

  8. E******h

    This sewing machine is just what I needed. Lightweight, portable and does the job. I am totally enjoying it.

  9. J*****e

    Good starter sewing machine, solidly built, compact in size and easy to thread. I recommend if this is your first machine, you should also purchase the table and sewing kit – you can save more that way.

  10. M******n

    I got this to start sewing again after 5 years, its a great machine and very simple to use that comes with a thread cutter for easy cutting. You also have an option to add a sewing kit to make your life easier.

  11. F*****e

    I love it! I have no regrets about this purchase. It is light weight, speedy and really easy to use.

  12. P******e

    It was a beautiful product that actually met the desired production I intended it for. I am indeed so pleased with it

  13. A******e

    Great product. I’ve never used a sewing machine before and found it very easy to use. It is also cheap compared to others.

  14. M******e

    I bought this machine for my nephew who has taken a big interest in sewing and designing garments. It’s lightweight and portable – a great little starter machine for basic home sewing.

  15. A***e

    The most affordable sewing machine that does its job perfectly. I’m so happy that I bought this one.

  16. V****t

    Not a frequent sewer but this machine meets my needs. Easy to use and fully functional.

  17. L***a

    I love this sewing machine. It’s replacing my old machine. Easy to set up and use. Would say it’s easiest enough for an amateur to be happy with.

  18. A*****l

    Fabulous little sewing machine that is easy to use and feels like quality. Would definitely recommend this for adults as well as older children who likes to sew.

  19. Z**a

    I am very pleased with my sewing machine I spend many pleasurable hours using it, I have made new cushion covers and I am planning to make a new nightie and dress, using my old one as a pattern.

  20. H****h

    I’ve been dreaming about it for so long and finally I have it 🙂 It’s exactly how imagined it would be. Thank you!

  21. S****a

    This is my second sewing machine that was initially bought to be brought to my rest house so that I have something to do when I’m bored. To my surprise when I tried it, it works better than my old one. So I opted to keep it at home and planning to move my old one to my rest house lol.

  22. M*****a

    Great sewing machine – legit descriptions. As usual, another great buy from trendlio. High quality product for a cheap price.

  23. G*****a

    Really happy with this product! I wanted to start up sewing for the first time since being at school. This is the perfect for beginner’s machine that is easy to use – and looks cute too!

  24. R**y

    Absolutely easy to set up and use. I have used it non stop since buying it – it’s not the most intricate of machines, just basic but for the amateur it is great, have had no issues whatsoever!

  25. I******a

    I really love this sewing machine, I’m glad my sister showed me this as she already owns one. Every weekend I do my sewing routine and this little machine never let me down.

  26. G***e

    Comes with good price, easy to set up and use – an all round good purchase. I bought it to replace an old sewing machine that was no longer working well.

  27. E**a

    I bought this to replace my old machine as I enjoy little clothes and accessories for my stuffed animal toys. It took me a while to understand how to thread it initially, but now I’m used to it and would recommend for all basic sewing. Its sews really well and is so light to lift and small for easy storage. Great value for the money.

  28. A****a

    I got this a few days ago and have already used it. It does everything I need it to do. Easy to use too. A great sewing machine.

  29. C******e

    I got exactly what I was expecting with this product. Extremely happy with how lightweight it was and all the features are what I need. I already recommended it t my friends who also like to sew.

  30. N**i

    The machine works very well for my purposes and it sews very nicely. I hope I can give more than 5 stars for this lovely item.

  31. K******k

    I bought it as a gift for my girlfriend and she loves it. This was her first sewing machine. She is so happy with its performance.

  32. B****e

    Bought this little machine mainly to take up trousers as fed up of using wonder web and hand stitching. Never used a sewing machine before , so I was a bit uncertain. However, the instructions were easy to follow and it was easier to set up than what I had anticipated. The most difficult part was mastering the spool and threading it through the machine! Wouldn’t mind trying to make something to be honest as I actually enjoyed using it. I would recommend this machine.

  33. E****n

    This is by far the best sewing machine deal. Not only it is cheap compared to others, it also worked as it was described and also comes with free delivery. I saved a lot from this one. Thanks trendlio. 🙂

  34. S****a

    My husband bought me this machine as a birthday present. My other sewing machine is 30 years old, very heavy and past it’s best. I am delighted with this new sewing machine – I can bring it anywhere around the house too!

  35. L***y

    This sewing machine is truly fabulous and extremely great value. Very easy to use and set up. Runs fairly quietly and is both light and easily transportable.

  36. S*****e

    Awesome product! I honestly have not used a sewing machine before and found this one very easy to set up and use.

  37. T***h

    As a frequent online shopper, this sewing machine is by far my favorite online purchase! It is very cost efficient. I’ll buy more product in trendlio in the nearest future.

  38. M***a

    Great sewing machine. Easy to set up and start sewing straight away. Different style of stitches to choose from.

  39. S****y

    People who understands how to convert their time into useful products do not complain of boredom. This is a good value product and keep you occupied.

  40. C*****a

    Good sewing machine for newbies, solidly built, compact in size and easy to thread.

  41. P****a

    I have used various sewing machines before but this is by far the easiest I’ve come across. Really happy with it, would recommend.

  42. V*****a

    A lovely light weight machine. I am showing my daughter how to use it and hopefully she will be making her own dresses soon. I’m so pleased with it I would recommend it everyone that likes to sew.

  43. G***g

    I am a 30 year old man and I never tried to sew before. I was bit skeptical to buy it first but I’m happy that I did. It is really easy to use; after almost an hour of setting it up and figuring out how it works, I am proud to say that I can now sew.

  44. V****n

    It is super easy to use and really efficient. Doesn’t take up much space so perfect to put away at home when not needed and just as easy to get back out for use. I really like it.

  45. B****a

    I’ve been wanting to get a sewing machine since quite a while. This one was at a really good price.

  46. J***e

    My machine packed in so I ordered this one and wasn’t disappointed. Really reasonably priced and the set up was quick and easy. It was going to be a temporary replacement but I have no need to buy another one as this one does the job very well.

  47. D****y

    This machine is easy to use, easy to thread and compact. I did not want a complicated machine. This fits the bill for simple jobs. Does what it claims to do plus a litre extra.

  48. L**u

    Greatly impressed with this machine. Very easy to use. Tried all the sewing stitches. Absolutely no hassle at all. Thumbs up!

  49. J***a

    You can never go wrong on buying this sewing machine especially if you are a beginner. It’s cheap, easy to use, portable, and has a good design.

  50. S******a

    My teenage daughter loves this sewing machine. Can do so much more than her previous one. A very good buy, am pleased.

  51. O******a

    This sewing machine does all you need to start sewing. It is for my 9 year old niece who currently has a child’s machine which is so complicated. This machine is simple to needle thread and to use.

  52. C*****s

    The price is absolute fine for this product, I’m pleased with it. No complaints and it works as described.

  53. B***y

    I fell in love at first sight of this sewing machine. Glad that I did because it really works amazing. Pretty looking and very useful esp. for someone like me who likes to sew stuff.

  54. K****e

    Double thumbs up for me! I haven’t regretted my decision to buy this sewing machine, it’s easy to set up and easy to use.
    It’s got just the right amount of different settings to not be too complicated, but enough for the intermediate sewers.

  55. N****y

    Got this one to replace my old one I bought and couldn’t work. I needed something so easy to set up. This has that and more. In today’s terms its kinda like plug and play.

  56. H*****r

    Works really well. Easy to use and stitching is really good.

  57. J**e

    I bought it for my 11 y.o. daughter to learn on as a replacement for the hopeless mini one. She has already mastered basic straight lines and following a simple shape drawn on the fabric. It makes me happy seeing her happy.

  58. F*******a

    I bought the one who comes with a table and sewing kit. It’s so precious, it exceeded my expectations once I saw it with my own eyes and used it. Worth every dollar spent.

  59. T***n

    This sewing machine is so light compared to my old one. Easy to follow instructions I was ready to sew in seconds and the machine is so quiet too. Does everything I will need to do and more. I’m loving the sleek design too!

  60. D***a

    I purchased this sewing machine as it was described on the features that it was perfect for users that are starting out. I love it! Have not done anything complicated yet but the machine is perfect for me. I am very delighted with my sewing machine from trendlio. Thank you so much!

  61. M****m

    I bought this machine for my 9 year old daughter who is very keen to learn to sew. I chose this machine because, with guidance as she is young, she will find it very easy to use. The threading is simple and she will soon be able to thread it completely by herself. I’m delighted with the machine.

  62. S*****a

    Perfect lightweight sewing machine. Easy instructions to follow. Quick to set up and within 15 minutes, I was already sewing. 🙂

  63. A****e

    I always create my own accessories and customize my costumes for my cosplay, I would say this is my new perfect companion. It’s cute and it works great!

  64. E***o

    It’s actually a great sewing machine. Feels sturdy and runs really quiet.
    Easy to use and very good value for money! I would highly recommend this product to a first time user as well as an established machinist.

  65. Q*****a

    Nice simple sewing machine – I personally like it’s simple design that can do a lot of stuff – and it was delivered in good condition – works just as I imagined. A good buy!

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