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How our after sales support works

Dear valued customer,

Thanks for taking the time to visit our support area. Our main aim here is to help you find the answers you seek without having to wait for one of our customer support representatives for a response.

Please read through the information on this page first before proceeding to submit a ticket in order to save yourself some time as ticket responses take between 24-48 hours due to the volume of enquiries that we receive.

Thanks so much for your patience and understanding.

Warm wishes,

The Trendlio Team

Answers to common enquiries

"I didn't know shipping would take so long"

This is a very common enquiry as customers sometimes do not pay attention to the shipping timeframes we have tried to be transparent about. Please read this section carefully to understand where and how this information has been provided.

When you view your cart or go to the checkout page, alongside each product in your cart/order there is a shipping timeframe estimate. Please take a look at the accompanying image which shows where this information is displayed. We have made sure to display the shipping timeframe on both the cart and the checkout pages to ensure that customers don’t miss it. 

In addition to this, customers also agree to our terms and conditions when placing their order, which explains in detail what to expect when it comes to shipping timeframes. We also communicate this via email after the order is placed and when the order has been processed/completed on our end. We have tried our best to make this information as easy to find as possible.

In light of this, unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds to customers who have somehow missed this information or haven’t read our terms and conditions.

"I would like a refund"

As per our terms and conditions, refunds are only given for the following reasons:

  • The product is faulty or of unacceptable quality;
  • The product does not match the product description;
  • The product is unfit for the intended purpose (does not do what it claims);
  • The item gets lost in transit.

Examples of when refunds are NOT given:

  • Change of mind after purchase/delivery;
  • Delivery time is prolonged due to events outside our control (e.g. COVID-19/global pandemics/third party delivery complications, etc.);
  • Customer failed to read our terms and conditions.

If at any point the customer would like a refund and we are not able to offer one, the customer may open a dispute with PayPal (if PayPal was used at checkout) to make a case for why they think they should get a refund that is not warranted through our terms and conditions.

"Please send me the tracking details"

We are more than happy to provide customers with their tracking information if it has been more than 7 business days since the order was placed.

The reason for this waiting period before tracking can be accessed is because we are a distributor. We work directly with manufacturers and the items are shipped directly from our suppliers’ warehouses to the customer.

As a result, it usually takes this long before we can access the tracking information to then provide this for our customers. Having said that, this mainly applies to international products – local items are shipped within 3-6 business days so these types of orders don’t usually attract tracking enquiries.

"I haven't received all my items"

Please note that all items are shipped individually. We are a distributor and work with several suppliers both locally and internationally. As a result, depending on which items you’ve ordered, it’s very likely that they will come from different suppliers and will therefore have different shipping timeframes.

"It's been longer than 20 business days since I ordered, please refund me"

If your order has still not arrived and it has been more than 20 days, then it’s probably due to COVID-19 delays. As you can imagine, there are currently many things that are causing these delays, some of which include:

  • Huge reduction in delivery flights
  • Supply partners’ staff in our international warehouses getting sick and not being able to work
  • Logistic delays due to shutdowns/sick staff/not enough resources/etc.
  • Large quantities of orders from other businesses also clogging up the pipeline
  • Border control and customs delays
  • Local couriers experiencing their own logistical delays/complications
  • The list goes on

Please understand that we have no control over the delivery once items leave our warehouse via courier, so we aren’t able to offer assistance with anything related to delivery. We can look up your order to see how it’s tracking, but that’s the extent of our control.

If your order gets lost or something happens and it never arrives, then we do of course offer refunds in these circumstances. However, if you have already contacted us and we’ve communicated to you that it is still in transit, then the delay is due to COVID-19, and in this situation we cannot offer a refund due to the following reasons:

  • We have already paid for the cost of the goods
  • We have already paid for the shipping costs
  • Your order was sent on time
  • The delays associated with COVID-19 are not our fault

If this sounds like a category that you fit into, then we are very sorry and we sympathise with your situation. The best solution we can provide is to kindly direct you to open a dispute with PayPal.

This is currently the best process that we can offer to ensure the fairest dispute resolution for both parties.

Once you have created the dispute, we will work with PayPal to come to a resolution on this considering the delays are not our fault.

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